7.Launch Your New Product

Step 7: Launch Your New Product

Set all price points to their proper values (especially if you were testing the funnel at $0 or $0.01) before you launch your product.
Start promoting your product via email marketing, forum marketing, social media, your blog/newsletter, paid advertising, joint ventures, and more.
The key is to get the word out about your new product and let the world know that the problem or issue they are dealing with can be effectively remedied or solved by your product.
Use testimonials from beta-testers of your product and from owners of previous versions of the product on your site and in your promotional material to convince people of the quality of your product to boost sales.
Use Google Analytics or other analytics software to determine how well your sales funnel is turning prospects into customers and one-time customers (i.e. the main product buyers) into repeat customers (i.e. upsell and downsell buyers).
Learn what parts of your sales funnel are performing as expected, underperforming, and overperforming to make modifications to the funnel and to learn what to do and what not to do in future product launches and sales funnels.


Some funnels are done for you, just promote!