Pursuing Your Passion

I realize that may be easier said than done but it’s an important step in the process. So now that you have a list of some things you’d like to explore, you may be unsure how to proceed. Here are some tips on how to dig further into your newfound passion journey.

1. Take a class

There are tons of classes, both online and offline on almost any topic around. Do a quick web search for your topic and “class” to see what types of classes are available. For example, if one thing you wanted to do as a kid was climb trees and you live in Boston, do a web search of “climb trees class” or “climb trees class Boston” and you will begin to find classes, courses and articles about climbing trees and the ones specific to the Boston area.

2. Join a group
There is a wonderful website called www.meetup.com where people are encouraged to create groups around a specific interest. I encourage everyone to create a profile on meetup.com. It’s free to join and is a great resource. Once you create a profile, you can do a search for any interest and the site will show you all of the groups related to that interest in your area. Then you can join the groups and participate in their meetups. The different groups are free to join for the most part. The ones that require a fee are typically very affordable and may be worth the extra investment. It’s a great way to not only explore your interests but meet other people who share your interests and possibly make new friends.
Pursuing Your Passion

3. Read a book
If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous at the moment but still want to dive into these interests you forgot you had, reading is a great way to explore it without leaving your house. While I do encourage you to eventually get out into the world and actually explore your interests through action, reading is a good step. You can do a search of your favorite online book seller, visit your local bookstore or spend some time in your local library. Get as many books as you can read at one time and spend some time between those pages exploring your interests.