The first thing you have to do is sign up to the programs below and use them, yes some will charge a little and some have a free option too.

Some are one-time fee and others are a small monthly fee, which you too will earn once you get sign ups to your own pages.



If you are looking to really do business online you must have a budget for marketing. These survey sites really pay, you can use the income to buy advertising.

Go here to earn money to advertise.
Sign up here to earn.

After all who ever heard of a business without a business plan and a marketing plan?

You will need to create a page like this or place your links in your rotator page so you can market that page and get your sign ups. Go here to get all the tools you need to work online.

Make sure you are a member of my site, there are lessons,resources,programs and more here to help you market & grow your business.

As an online business owner, you can enjoy many benefits of working from home. Today, many people want to work at home and earn money online and avoid being stuck in a nine-to-five job.

Working at home brings many benefits, namely you are your own boss and you can manage your own time. This means that you can set your work hours and adjust them to suit your personal life. You can spend more time with your family or kids. You don’t have to drive to work everyday. You set the targets of what you want to earn from your affiliate business, and you simply go for it!

Promotion is the biggest part of your day when you do any business online. The name of the game is traffic, without traffic to your page or website you won’t make any money ever!

So, I want to share with you the traffic methods/sites I use to promote my sites. If you use these and others that I add later you can bring a constant stream of traffic to your site. Some traffic sites are better than others so here are the ones that work for me. I don’t surf too much as it takes too much time, I usually buy credits.

Join here and reach responsive list of prospects

Get Hundreds of INSTANT Subscribers

I hope you will use this system and grow your business and list, just as I have grown mine.
All you have to do is join and then promote your links, and your traffic will explode.

All you do is promote your rotator link in safelists, traffic exchanges,banner ads, text ads,
everywhere you can think of including Craigslist and other sites.
People are looking to work from home why not give them the help they need by showing them your system.

Remember to track your ads so that you can have better results, if something is not working for you change it.
I myself use Google Analytics to track my Blog and your free LGT Tools has tracking too, so you should do the same.

You won’t make thousands but this is not your main money making program, this is a marketing funnel to grow a list so you can have a list of prospects to sell to.
Also, help them get their own system going and in the end we will all make money. This system is to build your list and bring in  income for marketing. I will update this page as needed, so come back often and use my free resources here on my Blog.

Our system IS how money is made online… People promote email capture pages to build their lists, and they promote products on the back end!

That’s IT. Again, that is what people do – and no doubt you’ve seen it done around every corner because it works…

Where MOST people buy products related to making money online is from email lists, banner ads, blog reviews, video reviews, marketing related forums, etc. See below and there are many to choose from.

Again, the key to where YOU should be advertising is found in thinking about where people NORMALLY buy stuff online – and in this case, business opportunities and online income related products specifically.

What you want to do “plug in” to those types of channels to promote.

These are some of the “channels” I use to market online and earn an income.
Marketing is what everyone who has a business needs, online or off-line business die without advertising and promotion.




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  1. Here you will find the best marketing sites that I use myself to promote my homebiz blog,my online ebay store,and all my affiliate links. Just pick some or all and start promoting whatever it is you sell or want people to join. Of course you should create a marketing plan that sets a schedule, I myself mail each only once a week, but if I have time I do it twice a week or use other resources as there are many out there. The ones that have been around for a while seem to always work best like Herculist, but some new ones are doing well too.Happy Marketing!

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