Marketing Primer 8

Ad Variations

When you have your keywords in hand, go to Google and search on those keywords. Put the keywords between quotation marks and watch what comes up on the right hand side. This will give you great ideas on how to word your own advertisement.
Look at what ad is in the top spot 3 spots. Look at the titles they are using and see how you can word your advertisement similarly so that you get good clickthroughs.
Then when you put together your initial ad, make some variations and track how many clicks each ad is getting. Keep the ad that performs the best.

When you are just starting out with Adwords, keep your bids low. Bid as little as $0.05 cents per click where you can, and just make sure that you get on page one of the search results.
Look towards doing advertising on websites only and forego the search results, because it is counted in
1000 impressions at a price and your money can go a longer way.

URL Display and URL Actual
One nice thing to remember is that you can put your
ClickBank ID and URL in the Destination URL section of the advertisement. In the Display URL, you place the actual website URL of the affiliate products vendor.

For Example:
Display URL:
Destination URL: K
That word “?tid=MAVERICK” on the end of the ClickBank ID is called a traffic tracking device which allows you to track how your campaigns are going. Both ClickBank and AdWords will allow you to track your advertising campaigns so that you can make a decision about what’s working and what needs to be changed.

To track within AdWords, you will need to choose a keyword that you want to track in AdWords. Click on Edit Keyword Settings, then you have a URL that you can add a tracking ID to which in this case would be “?tid=MavAd1” for Maverick, Ad #1. You only have 8 letters that you can use, so whatever you decide, it should be easy to understand and decipher.
Yahoo and MSN’s Contextual Advertising

While not much is said about the contextual advertising that is available through Yahoo and MSN, it does exist. As an alternative, you might want to consider advertising through them. The same rules apply, the competition is less and you may wind up spending a lot less for the same amount of advertising.

In order to figure out if it’s worth the money, you can sign up for accounts with both MSN and Yahoo pretty easily and try it out. They also run a lot of specials and give away coupons worth various amounts of money just to get you to try their service.

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