Marketing Primer 7

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you don’t have a website, landing page or place to send prospective traffic, pay per click or PPC advertising is an excellent method to drive sales via your affiliate link.
Again, you will want to use discretion so that you don’t wind up losing more money than you gain in sales.
The largest PPC outfit is Google. Those little advertisements that you see on people’s websites, plus on the side of the search results are called PPC advertising.

Advertisers pay a set amount per click in order to appear on sites. It is considered contextual advertising, because the advertising is related to the information being presented either in the search results or on the website. For instance, you won’t get an advertisement for ice cream on a site about auto parts.

AdWords & Contextual Advertising
Advertising with Google is easy and deceptive to newcomers. Easy, in the fact that it is very easy to use; deceptive because if you aren’t very careful you could lose a lot of money trying to get advertising that makes you money.
Here are some techniques so that you can use the AdWords system and make money.
The site is located at:

You can sign up for an AdWords account by clicking the Start Now button and filling in your information. Sign up for a standard and not a starter account. AdWords is pretty easy to use. Many people will want to start out with 100s of keywords and will take everything suggested by AdWords keyword tool.

Avoid this method and stick with a few terms that are laser-focused on your product or service.
Use the AdWords keyword suggestion tool or other keyword tool like MicroNiche Finder, Nichebot and Keyword Elite to find about five or six terms that are tightly related to your product.

You will want these keywords/keyphrases to be low competition, high traffic words. The software just mentioned are designed to find keywords like this for your product.
You will want to drill down on your keywords. For instance, if your product is about dog health, don’t just look at the keywords “dog health” and dogs.

Look for things like “relief for dogs from fleas”, “best dog food” or go into a specific breed like “cocker spaniel health”, or “best dog food for beagles”.
While you will get fewer visitors based on these keywords, the ones that will arrive will be very interested in your product. When you look at products, you will want to take this into consideration as well.

List your keyphrases and base your advertisement around these keyphrases. You will ideally want to get them into the title of your advertisement as well as in the listing for AdWords to use when listing when your ad will appear in the search results and on people’s websites.

Use the AdWords keyword suggestion tool here:
Select keyphrases that are relevant but not very competitive. Remember, that although you may only get 100 visits a day from a keyword, conversion rates are 1-2%, so that will usually equal a sale.

This is why you don’t want to promote a product that is much cheaper than $30. If your commission is 50% to 75% of $30, that is $15.00 to $22.50 on each sale.

It has been shown that affiliates will convert on average 1% to 2% per 100 visitors if they have done adequate keyword/keyphrase research.

It will generally convert the same on a $30+ item as it does on a $15.00 product. The amount of money you earn will only change due to the commission level and price of product.

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