Marketing Primer 4

Newbie To Profitable Affiliate

Build Up To About 10 Products To Promote
As an affiliate, you will want to build up to about 10 products, so that you can mix up the top performing products and add the latest releases. While you should like what you’re selling, don’t be wed to it.
What may be a hot seller, may cool off and if you follow trends, you need to be able to move on. You don’t want to add all these products at once, and build slowly as you get more experienced.

Because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with products, pick your products carefully. Choose popular products because you want to have top performing products.
Here are some things to remember when you are selecting products.
When you search for new products to promote from Clickbank, there are certain things that you are looking for.
First and easiest is the selection of the category that you want to work with. For instance, each affiliate products has some information that will help you make a good decision.
The three sites you will want to use to ascertain if a product is a good seller and a possible product you will want to promote includes:
Clickbank Marketplace –
CB Trends –
CB Engine –


Clickbank Marketplace

1.Sale Price: ($/Sale) This is the amount that affiliates are earning for referring customers. The amount earned is kept by ClickBank accounting and pays out every two weeks to the affiliate.
2.Percentage of Sale: (%/Sale) This is the average percentage commissions earned per affiliate per sale.
3.Referral %: This is the percentage of sales that people you refer
4.Gravity of Product: The gravity number is important because it shows the popularity of the product over time. Every time the product is sold or a new affiliate joins and uses the link the gravity of the program will change.

CB Trends
The popularity, price and commission paid of the product is very important.
When it comes to popularity or gravity, unless you are already a Super Affiliate avoid the products with very high gravity (125+), because it means that the market will be highly competitive and the chances of you making sales will be decreased accordingly.
This applies only to Clickbank and not the other commission driven organizations.
In order to find out if a product is good to add to your affiliate arsenal, you will want to check it out
at CB Trends ( which is a free service
that shows visual representation of what is on the ClickBank marketplace site making it easier to understand.
There are some useful tracking tools that give you an easy way to see what is happening with the products you choose including:
Popularity of the product
Earning per sale
Percent per sale
If you take the visual representation, combine it with what you see on ClickBank’s Marketplace, you will have a good idea of whether the product you’re thinking about promoting is a good one.

Out of the 10 products that you pick to promote over time, you will want at least 6 of them to be popular.
You want to mix it up so that at least half of what you’re promoting is more competitive. The rest of the products should be up and comers, those products that are newer and building in the Marketplace.

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