How to Convert Your Blog Posts Into Videos

How to Convert Your Blog Posts Into Videos

Looking for an easy way to create video content?
Do you blog?
In this article, you’ll learn how to turn a blog post into two types of videos you can share on social media.

#1: Segment Your Blog Post for Scripting
Video is the perfect way to repurpose your content.
Start by looking at your blog post as a script. However, you don’t want to record the whole blog post word for word because the resulting video would be rather boring. Instead, think about how your video can highlight important elements of your post.

Write your script in a way that allows you to divide the content into short segments, because recording a short segment well is easier than trying to record a longer narrative. For example, a chunk of text in your script might include a heading, key concept or quote, or one or two supporting details that will help your audience understand the content.
Once you have your segmented script, you can choose to either record yourself on-camera or to create a slideshow of still images and text.

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