Free Tools To Source Distinctive Vocabulary For Your Ads

Free Tools To Source Distinctive Vocabulary For Your Ads

When you read through classified ads, what is it about an
ad that catches your attention? Is it the headline,
symbols used, the ad copy itself or even a spelling
mistake? Sometimes it can be a single ‘different’ word
that might look out of place or it might be a powerful
phrase. But whatever it is, it grabs you and makes you
read to the end of the ad. Your mission has been

This article will explore some of the tools and resources
you can use to obtain distinctive vocabulary to increase
your ‘word repertoire’. Use these new words in your ads
to make them *STAND OUT* from the crowd!

When I say ‘different’ words, I mean unusual, out of the
ordinary, unique and distinctive vocabulary. The
internet is a world of its own and a lot of what we
learned at English in school regarding sentence
construction has gone right out the window! Granted, a
lot of us like to remain civilized and use the ‘correct’
form of sentence construction, but if you don’t, you can
get away with it without losing marks! You can use slang
words and you can abbreviate words to shorten the
character length of a line. Space is an important issue
when placing an ad and we’re forever being restricted
regarding the amount of space we are permitted to use.

Many ads are written in the present context where you are
attempting to tell the reader about something that you
think is worth their time and efforts to explore. Let’s
look at an example of the vocabulary that can be used in

Exclamation Vocabulary:
Here are some exclamation words and phrases that I’ve
seen used many times in ads.

– WOW!
– Fantastic!
– Check this OUT!
– Oh My Gosh, I can’t BELIEVE it!
– This is AMAZING!
– Never SEEN Before!

These are just a few of the many words that you regularly
see used in ads. Now let’s use some nifty tools to create
some new words.


Using the following tools, we will find some distinctive
vocabulary to use in place of the word ‘fantastic’.

You’ve all heard of a ‘thesaurus’ right? And no, it’s not
a dinosaur! A thesaurus is used to find other words for a
particular word, or synonyms. I personally use the
thesaurus that comes with MS Word and it can be accessed
by clicking on the Tools menu, then clicking on Language
and Thesaurus. Alternatively, you can use online thesauri
for free like the following:

Entry Word: fantastic

Function: adjective


Synonyms: FICTITIOUS 1, chimerical, fanciful, fictional,
fictive, illusory, imaginary, suppositious, supposititious,
Related Word: implausible, incredible, unbelievable; absurd,
preposterous; irrational, unreasonable; deceptive, delusive,
delusory, misleading
Contrasted Words: common, commonplace, everyday, familiar,
ordinary; customary, prevailing, universal, usually
conceived or made without reference to reality Synonyms: antic, bizarre, grotesque
Related Word: adroit, clever, ingenious; eccentric, erratic,
odd, queer, singular, strange; absurd, nonsensical,
preposterous, ridiculous
Contrasted Words: factual, solid, sound, valid,
well-grounded; plausible, reasonable
Synonyms: FOOLISH, absurd, ||balmy, crazy, insane, loony,
preposterous, silly, unearthly, wacky
Synonyms: MONSTROUS, cracking, massive, monumental, mortal,
prodigious, stupendous, towering, tremendous
Synonyms: EXTRAVAGANT, preposterous, wild

The adjective “fantastic” has 5 senses.

1. antic, fantastic, fantastical, grotesque —
(ludicrously odd; “Hamlet’s assumed antic disposition”;
“fantastic Halloween costumes”; “a grotesque reflection in
the mirror”)

2. fantastic, howling(prenominal), marvelous, rattling
(prenominal), terrific, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous —
(extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers; “a
fantastic trip to the Orient”; “the film was fantastic!”;
“a howling success”; “a marvelous collection of rare books”;
“had a rattling conversation about politics”; “a tremendous

3. fantastic — (extravagantly fanciful and unrealistic;
foolish; “a fantastic idea of his own importance”)

4. fantastic, fantastical — (existing in fancy only;
“fantastic figures with bulbous heads the circumference of
a bushel”- Nathaniel Hawthorne)

5. fantastic, phenomenal — (exceedingly or unbelievably
great; “the bomb did fantastic damage”; “Samson is supposed
to have had fantastic strength”; “phenomenal feats of

Words and phrases that have a meaning related to
fantastic: (45)

Synonyms: antic, extraordinary, fantastical, grotesque,
howling, marvelous, phenomenal, rattling, strange,
terrific, tremendous, unreal, unrealistic, unusual,
wonderful, wondrous

Often used in the same context: great, wonderful, amazing,
terrific, extraordinary, fabulous, tremendous, awesome,
marvelous, plastic, wondrous, phenomenal, spastic,
bombastic, dynamic, enthusiastic, super, unusual

Appears in the definition of: crazy, dream, figment,
magic realism, phantasmagoric, phantasmagorical, pipe
dream, surreal, surrealism, surrealistic,

If you join a new program and copy the affiliate email
sales letters or ad copy provided by the company, just
think how many other affiliates will be using the same ad!
Choose a descriptive exclamation word and use your new tool
to come up with some new ad copy that will be different from
the other affiliate’s ad copy! Test and track your ads for
response rates. Hopefully the response will be higher than
you expected!

Don’t be a sheep – lead the way and let your ad copy stand
out from the crowd! Always be an individual by using
distinctive vocabulary!

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal

Done For you!

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