Easy as Pie Ad Tracking

Easy as Pie Ad Tracking

Convert More Website Visitors Using Website Analytics

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. This is especially
true for website traffic and conversions.

As an e-commerce shop owner, website analytics is one of your
most important tools in operating a successful online business.

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is that all
interactions are measurable. In a brick and mortar store,
it would be impossible to accurately measure how many customers
enter your store every month.

It would be even more ridiculous to try to determine where
they heard about your store, or why they have decided to buy
something or leave without anything, or where they are going
when they leave your store.

However, this information is available to the online shop owner.
But only if you make use of a good analytics system. There are
numerous systems available online, with some offering amazing
functionality and stats ideal for small to medium size websites.

I find the no-cost service, Stat Counter to be my favorite.

Using this system will make it as easy as pie for you
determine which of your advertisements are producing the
results you need and which are not.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal




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