E-Zine Ideas

1) Start an animals ezine. You could name it a Digest publication. It might have concept articles. You could publish it once a month.
2) Publish an automobiles email newsletter. You may title it a Guide publication. It can contain strategy information. You can charge a subscription fee to it.
3) Create a babies online magazine. You can call it a Shortcuts publication. It may include idea content. You may ask subscribers to take a satisfaction survey.

4) Make a birthdays webzine. You might label it an Informer publication. It could have advice articles. You might state what articles will be in the next issue.
5) Write a business internet zine. You could brand it a Times publication. It might contain instruction information. You can give your opt-ins a free ebooks with their subscription.
6) Market a candy/chocolate digital newspaper. You may tag it a Of The Week/Day publication. It can include method content. You might trade classified ads with other publications.

7) Launch a career/jobs blog zine. You can term it an Adviser publication. It may have objective articles. You could sell classified ads in your publication.
8) Advertise a celebrities ezine. You might designate it an Illustrated publication. It could contain interview information. You may survey your current subscribers.
9) Release a child care email newsletter. You could name it a Chronicle publication. It might include feature/benefit content. You can use different fonts in your publication.
10) Promote a children/kids online magazine. You may title it a Magazine publication. It can have outline articles. You could allow subscribers to forward your publication to others.

11) Produce a cleaning webzine. You can call it a Observer publication. It may contain loophole information. You can give your opt-ins a free report with their subscription.

12) Broadcast a climate internet zine. You might label it a Procedures publication. It could include checklist content. You may ask you subscribers for testimonials.
13) Publicize a communications digital newspaper. You could brand it an Advice publication. It might have coupon/discount articles. You might swap banner ads with other publications.
14) Construct a community blog zine. You may tag it a Voice publication. It can contain plan information. You could publish it twice a week or bi weekly.

15) Formulate a computer/Internet ezine. You can term it a Post publication. It may include list content. You could sell top sponsors ads in your publication.
16) Circulate a conspiracy theories email newsletter. You might designate it a Tactics publication. It could have gifts/freebie articles. You can publish your publication in text format.
17) Set up a construction online magazine. You could name it a Basics publication. It might contain forum post information. You can give your opt-ins a free audio with your publication.

18) Design a cooking/food webzine. You may title it a Principles publication. It can include recipe content. You might barter top sponsor ads with other publications.
19) Compile a countries/states internet zine. You can call it a Monitor publication. It may have JV offer articles. You can state who it’s bought to you by.
20) Syndicate a crafts digital newspaper. You might label it a Notes publication. It could contain alert/recall/warning information. You could allow subscribers to link to your publication.