How To Best Select An Affiliate Program

Marketing products and services through the Internet is unquestionably easier and more rewarding compared to traditional marketing methods. With the millions of people worldwide getting online each day, there’s an enormous possibility for a merchant to sell his products and generate huge income.

However, merchandisers are not the only ones who can benefit from online marketing. A booming industry nowadays, provides great opportunity as well to individuals as affiliate marketers. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate marketer doesn’t need to have his own products and services to sell. All he needs to do is to refer people to the merchant’s business site for them to buy the products and thereby, earn a commission.

The key to an affiliate marketer’s success is to choose a good affiliate program and to employ excellent marketing techniques in promoting or selling the products to consumers. Why good and not the best affiliate program? There is no “best affiliate marketing program,” as one program might make one affiliate marketer a millionaire and the other a frustrated marketer. In other words, it can be a success to one and a failure to another. But there certainly is a good affiliate marketing program to start with. How to make it best would now depend on you.

But before you think how you are going to make it best and financially rewarding, first think about how you are going to land on a good affiliate program with the thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities abounding in the Internet today. Try to look into the following tips and suggestions on how to best select the affiliate program that’s right for you.

Information, that’s you need in order to make the right choice. It is helpful when you have already focused your search to a specific interest, which may be the theme of your website (if you already have one). In this way, you would be able to direct yourself towards a program that really matches your needs, wants and resources. It would be easier for you to eliminate options that are not suited to your own criteria for a good affiliate marketing program. You can join affiliate forums and learn some tips and get suggestions from experienced affiliate marketers. However, be wise enough to weigh their ideas before you buy them.

The Internet Affiliate marketing program networks are good places to look for choices. Here, merchants and affiliate marketers like you meet. The merchants advertise their affiliate programs to interested affiliates who sign up in the network for free. Third party affiliate program networks are helpful since they provide you with access to a large number of advertisers (merchandisers) simultaneously. You can easily track and compare their sales records, performances, benefits, products and services.

So now you have choices, the next question is which among those options is the right one. Here are some things to consider in deciding which to take and which to reject. First is the quality of the products and services. As an affiliate marketer your goal is not only to make visitors of your site click the link to the business site; but more importantly, to promote the product so they would buy it. If the customers are not convinced upon going to the business site, then you don’t earn. Make sure the products you are endorsing are worthwhile or in the business context, saleable. Ask yourself: if I were the customer, would I buy it? Would I recommend it to my family or good friend? If you can’t convince yourself or your family and friends to buy it, take a look at your next option.

Another is the affiliate program or the merchandiser’s history. Look into their previous and present sales data, their proven and tested affiliate marketing systems and their partners’ experiences with them. Although, success of the program really depends on you, this one is still very important. The sales records don’t only show how good the affiliates are, but they speak about the products’ reliability, market availability and the company or the merchandisers’ reputation as well. Moreover, look into and carefully study the company’s compensation plan. Your purpose for joining the program is to earn, so make sure you’ll be paid for all your efforts fairly.

If you do not have much time to promote intensively the affiliate products by creating banners, graphics and articles, choose affiliate programs that help you create these for your web site. It would be great if the company provides training on how to effectively market products online. Remember that affiliate marketing is a partnership, so make sure your partner is able to support you as you help him promote his products and services.

Take down all the advantages and disadvantages of each program you are considering so you can clearly see the difference among your options; then later, compare the advantages of the programs with your own checklist. Take time to gather all the info you need to choose the right program. Remember an informed choice is the best choice.

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Amazon marketing

Amazon marketing

There are all kinds of ways to make money using Amazon, depending on where your interests lie, and what you are good at. One thing is for certain – many entrepreneurs have turned Amazon into a successful online income source.

One program Amazon offers that’s very popular is their Advantage Program, which is fantastic if you have ever published a book earlier. You can join the program for no cost, and then you can start to sell your book in a new dynamic market.

Then again, if you enjoy affiliate marketing, the Associates Program is probably better suited to you. With this program the more sales you are able to make the higher the percentage you are paid in commissions will become. Amazon lists all of their policies and procedures on the website, so make sure you give it a read before you get going.

If you like, you can design ads and banners and place them on your site. You can even create a store front, called an aStore. Amazon gives you lots of examples. For example, if your website is about fitness, then you could create an aStore with the top books, tools, and products that are applicable to your site.

Amazon allows you to completely customize the aStore. You can select colors, build one or many pages, and more. Initially it may seem difficult but a little playing and you’ll have it all figured out in no time at all.

One of the biggest perks to making money online with Amazon is the wide selection of products that you have to choose from to put in your aStore. Amazon is about much more than DVDs and books, yet it’s the most common mistake that’s made – building an aStore that contains only books and DVDs.

If you are looking for a viable online way to make money on your website, you should certainly have a look at what Amazon has to offer. This is a reputable company and thousands enjoy a solid income by integrating an Amazon aStore on their website. There’s a great deal of money just waiting to be made on the internet, and when you choose wisely what you will pursue you can enjoy the earning potential that so many others have already experienced.

The only question left to answer is, what are you waiting for? What will your Amazon store offer? These are exciting times to enter the online world of earnings. Don’t wait!

Earn on Facebook Today

Most of us are very familiar with Facebook, and that it is the largest social network on the internet. But what many of us are not aware of is the opportunity here to make excellent money online. Thanks to the many applications available it’s gotten a lot easier to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. Here are some of those applications:

1. Zazzle – Zazzle lets you create and then design any product on their site, which is a free service, and then you can sell it on Facebook. Now think about the potential that is sitting here waiting to be used. If you have lots of Facebook friends you have the potential to create a very comfortable income with the right product.

2. Radical Buy – This is almost like eBay for Facebook. You can sell almost anything you want on a Facebook page with this application. List an item and instantly make it available to all Facebook users. If you don’t have any of your own items for sale you can show items that others have for sale.

3. Ether – This is a website where you can make money giving advice to people on the phone or through email. Now you can use the application on Facebook to make money giving people advice. If you are good at giving advice this is a great way to make some extra money. You set your rates. Ether provides you with a free phone number for individuals to call, which is then forwarded to your personal phone number.

4. Café Press – This is similar to Zazzle but it has a huge online store. Café Press lets you easily sell all kinds of products on your Facebook and make money.

5. Shopit – This is a free Social Commerce Network that lets users buy, sell, and/or trade any service or product. You can add a free store to your Facebook account and then sell anything you want. It’s yet another easy way to make money through Facebook.

6. Music Blaster – With Music Blaster you are able to put together a simple music store on your Facebook account and then sell music from – you will earn 5% for each song you sell.

There are tons more other applications that allow you to make money using your Facebook account. That means there are a exciting opportunities to make money just waiting for you to take advantage of.
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Sell Information Products

Here’s another way to profit from information products without having to deal with
the product creation yourself.
Namely, by buying, tweaking and then reselling products that come with product label rights (PLR).
PLR products are those products where you purchase the right to modify the product and, generally, do with it as you please (as long as you follow the terms of your PLR license). That means you usually can modify the product, break it up, add it to another PLR product, change the format (e.g., create an audio product or a physical product), sell it, give it away, etc.
Now here’s why this can be so extraordinarily profitable…Even though 20, 200 or even 500 people might have the rights to
this same product, very few of them will actually take any action. Of those that take action, most will simply use the PLR product as-is, without any modifications whatsoever.
However, all you have to do is invest an hour or so of your time to modify the product, thereby creating a new, unique product.
Then you can change the title, create new e-cover graphics and tweak the sales letter.
The best part? That one hour you invested eliminated all your direct competition, because you’re selling a unique product!

Here’s how to make this profit plan work for you:

1) Start by finding a hungry niche market.
Once you do that, then find
out what they’re already buying. As usual, there’s no reason to innovate when
you can latch onto a profit from a “sure thing.”

2) Find PLR content similar to what your niche is already buying.
Search Google for your keywords alongside the word “PLR” or similar. So, for
example, “weight loss PLR.”

3) Tweak the content.
Minimally, that means rewrite the introduction,
rewrite the conclusion, rename the chapters and create a new title. Ideally,
you should also add to or otherwise modify the content to make it your own.
Quick Tip
: You may also “nichefy” the content, which means you
tweak it to speak directly to a niche market. So a general
weight loss book could become “safe weight loss for teenagers.”
To get the most benefit from your PLR investment, you can keep modifying
the product to spawn dozens of new products aimed at different niches. So
your weight loss book might also be tweaked to target new moms, senior
citizens, sedentary office workers, people in wheelchairs and so on!

4) Set up a lead capture system and sales funnel.
You may pull in a tidy
up front profit from your PLR content, but the real money lays hidden in the
back-end. That means you should always be selling more products to your
existing customers. You can keep selling PLR content, of course. You can even
set up a membership site to tap into the back-end income effortlessly!
5) Create a sales letter
– or tweak the sales letter includes in the package.

6) Drive traffic to your site
and start counting your money!
As you can see, this is an extremely fast and easy way to start making money.
Whereas it might take you weeks or even months to create your own product and
start selling it, you can buy a PLR package in the morning and be making a profit
in the afternoon.

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The eBay Trading Assistants Program

If you excel at eBay auctions, you might want to consider an additional source of revenue as well. The eBay Trading Assistant Program will allow you to sell items for other eBay members on consignment. Being successful at your own auctions is the key to becoming a successful trading assistant for other people.

Often, newcomers simply don’t know how to make their items sell. Many people who are auctioning off a one time big ticket item, such as cars or real estate, will often employ the services of an eBay Trading Assistant. Items such as these can add up to very big commissions for serious trading assistants! Usually, trading assistants are responsible for every aspect of the auction,including shipping the product to the customer and collecting payment.

Trading Assistants get access to trading assistant marketing materials which are quite helpful. In order to become an approved trading assistant, you must have sold at least ten items in the last ninety days, have a feedback score of at least 100 with 97% positive feedback or higher, and your eBay account must be in good standing.

eBay Scams

eBay Scams – Steps to Take if You Have Been Defrauded

eBay is a relatively safe marketplace. Unfortunately, like most online marketplaces, it is vulnerable to scams. eBay tries to keep instances of scams occurring, but with more than 100 million members, and approximately $40 million moving through the site on a daily basis, this can be a little difficult. Sometimes, scams occur.

If you have been scammed, there are certain steps you need to follow to report the incident, and to try to come to a resolution. If you paid for the item through Paypal, the first step is to login to your Paypal account and open up a dispute for the payment. If you did not pay through Paypal, contact your credit card company. In most cases, if you have used one of these two cases, you will recover your money.

The next step is to use eBay’s dispute process to report the seller. This is specifically for items that were not received, or items that were significantly different than what was described in the auction. eBay also has a purchase protection program to further protect buyers. If a settlement cannot be reached with the buyer, the next step is to make an eBay buyer purchase protection claim.

eBay and Drop shipping

eBay and Drop shipping – Getting the Product to Your Customer

If you hope to own an eBay business, and make a full time living at it, you can easily make that dream come true – even if you don’t have a product of your own to sell. eBay provides many people who want to quit their corporate nine-to-five jobs with a way to make a good living, without having to put up a lot of start up capital. This is made possible with the help of drop shippers.

Drop shippers send merchandise to the customers of business owners. If you have an eBay business, you are a business owner. This will allow you to offer a wide variety of stock in your eBay store, without having the need to warehouse all of those products! All you have to do is set up your auction, and sell the product. You then pass the customer’s information on to the drop shipping company. The drop shipper does the rest, and they will even use your company information, as well as your company logo if you have provided it to them. When the product arrives at your customer’s home, they will have no idea that your company didn’t send it.

The drop shipper will package, label, and ship the products that you sell, allowing you more time to set up even more auctions, for greater profits. You must establish a relationship with several drop shipping companies in order to become successful. In the beginning, most companies will require you to pay for the items that your customers order before they are shipped. You need to fill orders in a timely manner, so you should pay for the items with a credit card for speedy service. Eventually, you will be able to have the drop shipper fill your orders, and then bill you for them later.

When you set up your eBay auctions, make sure that your reserve price is set higher than the price that the drop shipper will be charging you for the item. The idea, of course, is to earn a profit! Depending on the item you are selling, a markup of about 10% should be about right, but you should do some research to see if the item is selling for a lower price in another eBay auction, or through other online sources. By starting an eBay business using the drop shipping method, there is essentially no financial risk involved. The product will be sold before you pay the drop shipper for the item. This is one of the few businesses where you can actually turn a profit before you have expenditures!

eBay and Customer Service

If you are running an eBay business, you may not realize that the need for great customer service still exists – even for online auctions. When a buyer receives quality customer service from you, they will potentially do one of two things – or both. They will give you great feedback, and they may look for more of your auctions in the future. If you hope to make a living from eBay, you have to stop thinking
of it as an ‘auction’ and start running it like a ‘business.’

If you owned a brick and mortar business, how would you treat your customer while they were standing at your counter, waiting for you to finish ringing up their order? You would be helpful and respectful of course! You would do everything that you could to guarantee that customers return to your establishment in the future. You would bend over backwards to make sure that their buying experience with you was both satisfactory and enjoyable. Why would you do any less at the close of one of your eBay auctions?

First, act quickly at the close of your auctions. Contact the winner, and congratulate them. Describe the item they have won and how the item will be shipped – even if this information is already part of the description for the auction. Remind them of their winning bid amount, and give them payment options and instructions. Let them know when the item will be shipped.

Close your email by thanking them for participating in your auction. You might even take this opportunity to tell them about other open auctions that you have as well. Think of this contact with the winner as a conversation that you are having with a customer who is standing at your counter in that imaginary brick and mortar store.

Once the payment and shipping details have been taken care of, contact your buyer again. Let them know when the item was shipped – the exact date and time – and when it is expected to arrive on their end. During this contact, let them know that if they have any problems or questions, that they should contact you through the eBay site. If they do contact you in the future, make sure that you
answer promptly, and that you do all that you can to make them happy with their purchase – even if it means issuing a refund.

Yes. You should be open to issuing refunds, depending on what the item is. Furthermore, you should issue refunds promptly. Of course, it is reasonable to expect the buyer to return the item to you, at your expense, before the refund is issued – but once you receive the item, issue the refund promptly. This is just good business!

eBay University – What Is It All About?

E-Bay University is the learning program that eBay established to help people become successful eBay merchants. For convenience, eBay classes are held in many locations throughout the United States, and classes may also be completed from home, using your computer.

You should note that all of the information you will learn through eBay University can be found on the website – for free. However, understanding that free information isn’t always easy. eBay University will teach you how to open a seller’s account, how to conduct research and create listings, how to improve listings for greater success, how to integrate Paypal with eBay, how to monitor your auctions, and how to complete transactions.

Once you’ve finished the Selling Basics course, you are ready for the ‘Beyond the Basics’ course. This advanced course will teach you how to start and grow an eBay business, how to choose and create listing formats that sell, how to use all of the eBay resources, how to market your business, how to pack and ship your items, and much more. Both courses are reasonably priced, and well worth the short amount of time that it takes to complete each course.