How to start generating $30+ month

How to start generating $30/month

Approximate time commitment 3 – 6 hours per month

Services you will use: 12SC

Timeframe to achieve the income as noted above: 1 – 3 months

Important Note: The income, time commitment and timeframe as noted above are estimates only and your results will vary, but most likely be faster if you stick with the plan.

We are going to base all estimates on the conservative side as that is only fair to you.

Anyone thinking they can make money faster with sites telling them that they can make thousands in a few weeks or months, then by all means those people should cancel their account here and join those scams.

People will always fall prey to the sites that do nothing but mislead them with hype and lies. And sooner or later those people either realize they will need to work and take action or they get offline for good.

We tell the truth, we tell it like it is and we include everything you need to start and never stop making money online.

This is your starting point and this page contains some great information. We include all the details you will need to get started and use the 12SC system.

Keep in mind as you review 12SC that free members cannot make money with us, so if you have absolutely no intention of upgrading, don’t waste your time reading this as it will not do you any good outside of 12SC.

We tell you this up front as we hate wasting our time and we are not going to waste your time with false promises of making money for free. There are enough scam sites on the Internet misleading people into thinking they can make money for free and we are NOT one of them.

Read this page and you will see the power of 12SC and realize the action plan we have put in place will get you where you want to be, it will work for you.

Two of the mistakes many people make when working online is they have unrealistic expectations and they try and do too much too soon.

Remember, you need to walk before you run and while we are going to show you exactly how to build your business and income, we are also going to keep things realistic and conservative so when you upgrade, you know exactly what you can expect.

Follow our plan, don’t get frustrated and don’t get sidetracked,use our 12SC tools to build your business daily.

You don’t want people working with you who will not follow instructions and you definitely don’t want people working with you who are lazy.

Focus on the positive and you’ll know that those who do upgrade are going to be winners as they have made a commitment to do what is right and they want to succeed and together you will all succeed and we are here to help however we can.

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