What Works & What Doesn’t in Viral Marketing

Stop with the enforced e-mail forwards already! Trying to force or bribe people to forward your info to a friends or family in order to be rewarded or win looks skanky in today’s ultra-permission-based world. Especially when you tell visitors nothing about their friend’s or family’s privacy in the space directly next to the e-mail form.

A true viral campaign gets forwarded because consumers are compelled to do so by the glory of the content, not because you bribed them with points or something else.

What absolutely will not work:

Suggesting that e-mail recipients forward your message to their friends and family will not work. Adding a line at the bottom of your e-mail that reads “Please feel free to forward this message to a friend” is more likely to get it deleted than forwarded.

What absolutely will work:

Offering something worthy of sharing like a valuable discount, vital information or offering an incentive for sharing like additional entries into a sweepstakes or an added discount or premium service will work.

Relevant or timely information, research, or studies that are included in your e-mail might encourage the recipients to share with their family and friends. Interactive content like a quiz or test, especially if it’s fun, will inspire forwarding.

Jokes and cartoons are almost always forwarded to everybody the recipient knows. Why? Because they are entertaining and entertainment is meant to be shared.

A really cool multimedia experience is always going to achieve a lot of pass-along. Rich media is new and the novelty and tech factors alone are often enough to make the e-mail recipient eager to share it.

Oops! Almost forgot one really important thing….You can craft a brilliant e-mail following all the rules, but if a consumer visits your site and has an experience less that what was promised, you are going to achieve viral marketing, alright…the bad kind. So be certain that your product or service is ready and is as advertised.

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Guaranteed Traffic?

It has been my experience that almost all “guaranteed traffic” sites are little more than frauds. You pay money and they deliver supposedly high quality traffic and you just sit back and make money.

Yeah right.

Here are some of the ways they rip you off;

1. Pop under’s that are annoyances and are usually blocked (and hardly visible if they are not) and people click off immediately (but counted as legitimate traffic to you by these places)

2. Bots visiting your site every few minutes (no human) until your “traffic” is delivered and your hit counter or analytics record it

3. Overseas sweat shops that sell clicks (dozens of people sitting in a room in China clicking on ads that have no intention or even the money to buy anything from you even if they wanted to.

These can be easy to spot as you will see traffic all from the same IP address. More complex scams have software that rotates their proxies and IP addresses.

Spotting them also works by having a look at your weblogs. Your average visitor will stay at the page for sometime before closing it. So have a look at your logs and see how long people are staying. Take your average user and weigh that against some of the more suspicious ones.

Keep in mind that bots such as Google or Yahoo will identify themselves very clearly in your logs and might have a short visit period. The unique visitor that stays say 5 seconds and seems to stay only 5 seconds visit after visit is most likely part of a scam.

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I have to again make a point that there are real sites that sell real traffic but you must buy in bulk if you wish to resell. Also, you can buy pay-per click which is good because they will look at your offer. You can also buy solo ads and other types of traffic so that you are always being exposed. Just track the traffic you buy, when I sell traffic from my marketing site I tell people create a tracking link. Plus, no traffic seller can guarantee hit, sales or anything else because you just don’t know what offer is being marketed via your traffic.

How to use Safelists (audio)

This is a short audio about using safelists, I’m posting it because I want everyone to understand how to market anything using safelists. I hope you will enjoy this short lesson. I know for those already using safelists this might be a little on the light side but for the newbies it is good information.


One thing I forgot to mention is that you should use tracking URL’s if you are not using Google Analytics to track your site traffic.
This way you will know how many clicks you got from that safelist, with analytics you can also track actions and that tells you who just clicked on the link for the credit and who actually looked at your site info.

Low Cost Advertising

There is no better advertisement campaign that is low cost and also successful at the same time. Great business ideas when utilized effectively can save lots of money. This is not only easy for those who work full-time as an advertiser, but also for those who work from home.

Advertising from home is also a low cost option, which involves making and distributing fliers. Usually potential customers will visit home for business dealing. Print good amount of fliers and give it to anyone who is visiting home like family, friends, mailman, etc. Business cards can also be distributed. Few selected people can be given sample of the product. For those who work outside home, employ college students to distribute fliers at supermarkets, community centers, or malls, especially on weekends, when there is a rush.

Spread the word by the mouth. Talk to everyone about the product and ask them to talk about it to others. It’s a very powerful tool to increase the network and doesn’t even cost anything. When receiving a casual call from family members and friends, don’t forget to tell them about the latest events, discounts and promotions and ask them about what they are up to. If the parties are into the business, it won’t hurt to promote each other. Joint ventures can be started with trustable people of the same trade. The only cost that will be incurred during the whole process is of printing fliers. For a better quality, professional can be hired to design them, as they will be able to play with colors and write motivating material.

Most of the businesses have company bulletin board that they use to put up company’s latest news. Fliers and business cards can be tacked on such bulletin boards. But before doing so, check out with the human resource department before placing the information as most of the HR departments make it compulsory to consult them.

Parents are required to be in regular touch with the teachers to know about the progress of the child and they have meetings from time to time. Do not miss this opportunity and spread the word. Hand them the business card and fliers personally at the meeting, instead of just giving the contact number.

Get involved with fundraiser at schools, as it’s a nice approach to market business. Prior to handing out the order received, collect all necessary information like business card pack, fliers, with proper information. Information can be based on what is the company about, what are the products and services provided, or how to get in touch with the company. In each individual order, carefully place all of them and seal the package properly. Presentation, too, is of importance and should be paid attention.

Voice mails can be put to good use, other than recording messages. They can help to deliver the marketing message. Greet with a brief message, following with website and email address, so that who ever calls will be already having the telephone number and they will be able to learn more about the business by visiting the website. When the company is providing special promotional offers and discounts, include information about those in the voice mail. Discontinuation of any services of products can also be informed about. Repetitive voicemails sound boring, so keep changing the voice mail frequently and add some creativity to it.

Most of the big businesses attach business cards or fliers with out going mail. This works for companies who send bills to their customers. For those who have customers paying online, they can send the information through emails.

Advertisements can be done, in the locality, by placing fliers on the bulletin boards of the local grocery stores, businesses, barbers, or butchers. People frequent these places and there is a possibility of getting a good response. Some businesses place a jar at the reception counter where the business cards can be dropped for future reference, while visiting them.



Low Budget Advertising

After the advent of online selling sites, shopping has been made so easy that it can be done within the comfort of the home. Online selling gave rise to online advertising also known as i-Advertising, which is proving to be the best way to reach a larger audience within a short time using less money.

There are many options available on the Internet to get started. Creating a website and then placing its link on different websites is one of the ways. Pages can be submitted to the search engines after applying search engine optimization techniques. Websites offer various payment methods. Some take money for simply placing an ad or link on their website, some take money only if a visitors clicks on the link or website and some take money only if the visitors visits a link and have bought something or availed some service. There are options available for the type of ad being placed. There are pop-up ads, banner ads, wallpaper ads, polite ads, video ads, etc. Businesses with really low budget can send mails to targeted customers.

Radio stations offer a good price to advertise during the non-peak time. Get in touch with the local station and try to ask for a discount. The same applies to television; even they have a minimal amount for advertising slots during the non-prime hours, especially after midnight. Contact different television station to compare pricing.

The age-old tradition of advertising in yellow pages directories is always a success. All businesses from small to big register themselves in the yellow pages and have sworn to be benefited from it. People can look up for contact numbers, addresses and services offered directly from the pages.

Newspaper is the next best thing. First analyze the audience to be targeted by age group, sex, and location. Choose the local newspaper and section where the ad should be placed depending on the audiences to be targeted. The classifieds department of the local newspapers have special offers, find out in detail about the pricing structure for the size of the advertisements, number of words, font size, etc.

Design the business cards with accuracy. Try to include all the vital information about the business like the name of the company, where it is located, services provided, working hours, and contact information like land line number, cell number and person to be contacted. Personalized business cards are good way of reaching the genuine customers.

Other way to advertise is to give presentations on your products. Brochures can be inserted in the business presentation package. Other than things like history of the company and annual turn-up, once again business cards can be included in the package. Distribute newsletters with information about the latest offers and discounts. Informational letters of a page length and e-mails can be sent too on a regular basis. All this can become lot easier by getting in touch with companies who can provide the mailing list of a particular locality and it comes for a very small price. Again the yellow pages can be referred to get information about such companies. After getting the information get in touch with company to get a copy of the latest mailing list. Different companies charge different prices

The word of mouth is also a good method of advertising. Try growing the links in your network and join organizations which deals with advertising like trade associations and chamber of commerce. Active participation in events of these organizations eventually helps reaching more number of people.

Small Business Internet Marketing Techniques

Small business internet marketing isn’t just advertising anymore. It used to consist of purchasing ads in various places, and then purchasing specific types of ads, when the internet exploded. Now the difference between advertising and marketing has become very clear. Advertising is something you do that’s very passive.

Yes, you’ll use specific language in any advertising space you purchase to try to entice people to click and buy, but once you’ve put the ad in place, it’s there and it’s not going to change. Even pay-per-click advertising falls into this more passive category.

But with many of the techniques of small business internet marketing, the things you do are far from passive. If you search engine optimize your website, that might seem passive because once you do it, it’s done. But that’s not true.

As you add new pages to your website, you do more tweaking and changing. You’ll use new keywords and different keywords in different areas. Sure, if you use banner ads you’ll change them from time to time, but it’s still much more static that almost any other type of marketing you can do.

And unless you have a huge advertising budget, those static ads like banners and pay-per-clicks probably aren’t going to garner you many sales. It’s the dynamic methods of small business internet marketing that are going to bring people to your website and keep them coming back. And when they keep coming back, they’re once again faced with the things you offer. It can take a person 6 or 7 times seeing an offer before they’re inclined to buy, so the more you get them at your website, seeing your products and services, the more likely it is you’ll make a paying customer out of them.

The most efficient, active method of small business internet marketing that’s guaranteed to let you make frequent contact with your target market is an opt-in mailing list. You can offer some information, a discount, or an ongoing thing like a 5-day course in something relevant to your site to get people to sign up for the mailing list. Once they’ve done that, you have their permission to send emails that will contain links and sales language designed to get them to go to your website and buy.

You won’t want to just start sending ads every day. Come up with something that the people who found your website were probably looking for. If your small business internet marketing plan makes it likely that people will come across your website when looking for ways to keep aphids off of houseplants, for instance, then offer a 3- 5- or 7- day email “course” about how take care of African violets or how to keep houseplants healthy in less than ideal conditions.

Give them something of value, and they’ll give you permission to contact them. Once you have that permission, good small business internet marketing will include emails that contain not just ads, but content to remind them what a valuable resource your website is.

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Creating your income funnel, so that you can have a system in place to grow your business…

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Do you have a Sales Funnel? Is it set up correctly?

It’s important to understand your target lead, for example, using traffic exchanges as your traffic source, you can almost guarantee that most are interested in:

website traffic,

list building,

home business opportunities,


downline building, and other online related topics.

What you need to know – You cannot produce a quality funnel until you have a product, service, or program to offer.

This can be a product you created or an affiliate product.

Once you have something to sell and a market, then you can create a funnel.

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Traffic=>to capture page/Opt-In =>views One Time Offer =>gets  Email Follow Ups =>of your offers> Affiliate/PLR/Custom Products/OTO
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Key Steps To Establishing Your Marketing Plan And Promoting Your website

A marketing plan that outlines the key steps you will need to take to drive traffic to your website is essential. Having a marketing plan will also help you establish your budget for advertising your website, which determines the tools that you can use in generating traffic to your website.
Presented in this article are key steps that you must take to develop your marketing plan and build traffic to your website.

1. Establish your objectives and targets. After you have built your website for your online business, you must establish your goals in terms of the money you want to earn from your online business. This will determine the volumes of traffic you will need to make the necessary sales you want to make. Your objectives and goals will guide you in deciding the level of promotion you need to do to advertise your website and build traffic to it.

2. Establish your advertising budget. This is a very important step. There are many ways of driving traffic to your website; some are affordable while some are expensive. You need to decide what your budget is and therefore what tools you can use to drive traffic to your website.

3. Invest in the necessary tools that you need in advertising your website. In order to capture leads and follow-up with your prospects, it is necessary for your website to have an automated email system or auto-responder which captures your prospects email address and automatically send those emails on a regular basis. These emails will have a link to your website wand will invite your subscribers to visit your website. You must establish all the tools you need to have on your website to make traffic generating effective.

4. Decide what your short term and long term advertising strategies are. The quickest and easiest way to generate traffic and leads for any business is pay per click (PPC) advertising because it can bring you immediate results. PPC can also help you drive targeted traffic to your website. However, you also need to have some marketing strategies that will generate traffic to your website in the long term.

Pay per click marketing is normally considered to be the short-term solution for generating targeted traffic and leads fast, but it is also considered to be one of the most expensive ways to advertise your business. Therefore, it is important for you to have other affordable ways of generating traffic to your website which will drive traffic to your site in the long term. Article marketing, blogging and forum participation are some of these less costly ways of generating traffic to your website.

Before you start spending money on any strategy for generating traffic to your website, you must ensure that you follow the steps outline above as they help you select the best marketing tools for driving traffic to your website.

My Blog is here to help, we show you what works! If I list it here it’s because I use it myself to market my online businesses. Take a look at the info I have added to this Blog and use it to grow your business. I show you the best Safelists to use, and much more…