Focus or Fail

Focus or Fail

Here’s the secret and key to your success. Focus. Focus on
your goals and plans. Plan your work and work your plan.
Sorry, it’s not very glorious or mind blowing, but it works.
If you are like most SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) owners
you are the Chairman/Chairwoman, CEO, president, vice
president, marketing manager, accountant, secretary and
janitor. You are responsible for planning, developing,
marketing, publishing, delivering, cleaning, organizing –
in short, you are the chief cook and bottle washer. So your
focus is critical to your success.

Has this ever happened to you? You plan to go out on the
web and gather some information. While you are out in
cyberspace, you notice an ad for something that is not
related to what you are looking for. Since it looks really
interesting, you click on the ad anyway. By the time you are
done clicking from one interesting ad to the next, you have
lost two hours. Now you still have to go out and look for
your original material. It’s happened to all of us. The key
is to stay focused on your planned task.

Here’s one way to stay focused and organized while you’re
out on the net. First you need to set up a filing system in
your web browser’s ‘favorites’ folder. My favorites folder
has a list of each of the websites that I am working with
and in each of those folders are sub-folders. The sub-
folders are labelled administration, marketing, sales, and

And here’s the little trick that goes along with the
folders. Let’s say you want to go out and browse through
your competition’s ezine advertising prices to see how they
compare to yours. You go to an ezine directory to find
ezines with comparable numbers of subscribers. Suddenly your
attention is drawn to a flashing banner that says ADVERTISE
FOR FREE – CLICK HERE. Of course you are interested in
advertising for free! But instead of getting involved in
that right now, click on the banner to pull up the webpage
that it is linked to. When you get there, right click your
mouse, go to the ‘save in favorites’ field and put it into
the appropriate sub-folder – administration, marketing,
sales, or misc.

Later when you have some free time, or have planned to
search for new ways to promote your site, you can go to
the ‘marketing’ sub-folder and take a look at how to get
some of that free advertising that the banner was
so excited to tell you about.

This is one simple way that you can add extra hours to your
day. When you stay focused, you get more accomplished in a
shorter period of time and achieve your goals much faster.
Your success is directly related to your ability to focus
and stay focused on your plan. It may take time to train
yourself, but it is worth it.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal




Easy as Pie Ad Tracking

Easy as Pie Ad Tracking

Convert More Website Visitors Using Website Analytics

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. This is especially
true for website traffic and conversions.

As an e-commerce shop owner, website analytics is one of your
most important tools in operating a successful online business.

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is that all
interactions are measurable. In a brick and mortar store,
it would be impossible to accurately measure how many customers
enter your store every month.

It would be even more ridiculous to try to determine where
they heard about your store, or why they have decided to buy
something or leave without anything, or where they are going
when they leave your store.

However, this information is available to the online shop owner.
But only if you make use of a good analytics system. There are
numerous systems available online, with some offering amazing
functionality and stats ideal for small to medium size websites.

I find the no-cost service, Stat Counter to be my favorite.

Using this system will make it as easy as pie for you
determine which of your advertisements are producing the
results you need and which are not.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal




Lead Generating Tools

Clever Classified Copy writing That Sells Every Time!

Clever Classified Copywriting That Sells Every Time!

Top Tips is designed to make your online business more profitable and stuff cash in your pockets at the same time. Just follow the tips, tricks, and techniques in the Online Profit Course and you’ll see a dramatic increase in your sales.

Have you looked at the classified section of your favorite newspaper, ezine, or website lately? Have you noticed all the brilliantly written classified ads? Me either.

To make sure that your classified ads stand out in a crowd, use some simple rules, some creative flair, and an award winning formula. If you follow these A-B-C’s for
writing effective classifieds, you will increase your response rate and your profits. And that’s what it’s all about.

Here is your quick and simple A-B-C guide for writing classifieds that sell.

A. Think like your reader. While you are writing your ad, always remember that your reader is thinking ‘What’s in it for me?’

B. Write your ad to one person. Pretend you are sitting beside your reader having a one-on-one conversation. Don’t address your entire market at once. There is only one
person at a time reading your ad.

C. Write a benefits list for your products. Remember, benefits are not features. Here is an example.

FEATURE: Make a million dollars online

BENEFIT: Enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous, right in your own home.

See the difference? A feature is what your product or service does. The benefit is the feel good feeling you get from the feature. Now write a list of all the benefits you
can think of for your product.

D. Edit your list of benefits and select the best one. Writing a successful classified is like writing a sentence,
you focus on one thought at a time.

E. Write the headline for your classified, using the benefit that you have chosen. The headline is the most important element of your ad. If you don’t grab the reader’s attention in a milli-second as they are scanning all the classifieds, you’ve lost them.

F. Write the body of your classified using the features that support your benefit.

G. Begin writing your classified without thinking about the final size of the ad. Write as much as you can about your
product, but stay focused on the benefit that you have chosen. By the time you are done you may have a whole page of copy.

H. Edit your ad. Most ezines run classified ads that are approximately 5 lines long and 60 characters wide. Use this guideline to edit your full page of copy down to a normal classified size. Pick out your best sentences, power words, and convincing arguments that will make your reader click on the link to your website or send you an email.

I. Make sure you include your website URL and email (if needed). Use http:// before your website address, so that it looks like and mailto: before your email address, so that it looks like

Don’t put a period after .com or you can ruin your link.

J. When you have finished the ad, go back and read it, polish
it, and read it again. Leave it for a couple of days and
come back and read and polish some more.

When you are writing your ad, make it believable. Using a
lot of !!! may get attention, but it makes your ad look
gimmicky and less believable. People genuinely want to believe
what they are reading, but if you come off like a snake
oil sales man, no one will respond to your ad. Your
credibility is key.

There is much more to writing a classified ad than just
verbally throwing up on your reader. You need to be refined
and put some thought into what you are saying. These A-B-C’s
will help you write a successful and profitable classified ad.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal


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Cars Passing By The Lemonade Girl.

Cars Passing By The Lemonade Girl.

First I want to say that this story can be the most
powerful device in turning your mind into an advertising
power system. The $500-$1500 copy writing courses don’t
cover anything this powerful so listen up.

Midnight, July 5th, 2015.

Today, I was driving around running errands and taking in
the beautiful Portland summer.

Many children setup the classic lemonade stands and I
sometimes stop for a cup to patronize them. Most of them
use the same white, construction board sign duct taped to
the front of their table reading “Fresh Lemonade 50 Cents”
in black marker.

I passed many of these stands and didn’t stop because I had
a Mountain Dew with me. But when I was coming to a stop
light I saw a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years of age
standing on the side of the road waving a sign made of pink
construction board with flashing Christmas lights running
around the outer edge of the sign.

As the light turned green, nearly every car, truck, van
that passed slowed down and read the sign reading “Cool
Off With Lemonade Fresh Squeezed Right In Front Of You!”
in red marker and many stopped to get a cup including me.

I was truly amazed at this young girls advertising

I went up to the table to get a cup of lemonade and had to
actually wait in line! I was really in awe simply watching
this young girl work her magic with the customers, smiling,
saying “Do you like your lemonade sweet or sour?”

As I approached the table she said “Do you like your
lemonade sweet or sour?” I said, “a cup of sweet
lemonade please”, and she went to work by grabbing a ripe
lemon out of her wicker basket, gently laying it on a small
wooden cutting board and quickly slicing it right down the
middle with a steak knife.

Then she palmed one of the halves and pressed it with a
twisting motion into her juicing wedge then three other
halves in the same fashion. She then carefully scooped 3
spoons of sugar into my cup, gave it a quick stir with the
spoon then dropped in three cubes of ice and said “That
will be $1.00 sir”.

As I rustled into my pocket for four quarters I asked her,
“What sparked you into creating such a bright sign and such
and catchy headline?” She then replied, “I had a white
sign with “Lemonade $1″ written on it taped to my table and
no one was stopping so I went home and asked my mom to get
me a pink construction board and I took a strip of Christmas
lights that uses a battery and stapled them around the
edge, then I wrote that I would squeeze it right in front of
you, because that’s what I was already doing. Then I took
out the price because my mom said it was a little high and I
thought if I got the people to stop then they would pay it
if I squeezed their cup right in front of them and then
asked for the dollar and I waved the sign to make sure the
cars saw it”, I said, “that’s great, keep up the good
work”, and she said, “I will, hope to see you again and
smiled”, as I walked back to my BMW.

I sat there thinking about this whole situation for a
minute or two looking over at this line of people waiting
to get, “Lemonade Fresh Squeezed Right In Front Of Them”,
and watched even more people pull over to get a cup seeing
this big line and thinking to themselves, “That must be
some good lemonade”, as I tasted the handmade beverage,
it was very good, very.

Here’s the genius in this young Marketing Mastermind.

First she started a business, selling lemonade..

Noticing that she wasn’t selling much she re-organized her
efforts with a new pink construction board surrounded by
Christmas lights drawing people to read her headline that
did nothing but convey something everyone in a car burning
up wanted, to “Cool Off” and adding something that enticed
them even more by adding “Fresh Squeezed Right In Front Of

She states a solution people want to a problem they already
know they have and makes their mouth water with an enticing
benefit. She also makes the message a personal note by
including “You” in it, making every driver think she is
talking to them them individually.

This story should open your mind to really see the
simplicity of starting a business, testing your sales
message to entice your customers, and then servicing your
customers in a way SO superb that they’ll remember you and
come back again.

You can be sure that a lot of the people who bought
lemonade from this young girl will tell their friends and
they’ll stop by to get a cup of lemonade as well.

What happens when the line dies down?
She grabs her sign and starts another commotion that
get’s even more people to stop, by waving it around.

Do you see all the things here that get people to stop and
how she closes the sale?

1. The headline – This is actually the first headline even
though it doesn’t contain words because it’s what GRABS the
peoples attention along with her waving it around.

2. The second headline/The sales message – This is
actually the sales message that conveys a solution to an
existing problem to everyone in their car, cooling off and
an enticing benefit, “fresh squeezed right in front of

3. The Close – She caters to your needs by asking “Do you
like your lemonade sweet or sour?” and then squeezes
the lemonade right in front of you and as you watch the
whole procedure your mouth waters conveying the quality of
the product.

4. The call to action “That will be $1.00 sir”. This is a
great call to action. It doesn’t leave room for anything
but a payment of one dollar. These people waited in line
creating a burning desire watching other people getting
their fresh squeezed lemonade and they’re not going to say
“A Dollar? No way, I’m outta here”.

That’s the sales process she put together and it’s sheer

Here’s a few more of the strategies in her business.

Credibility – She also boosts her credibility by having a
big line in front of her table urging others to stop and
see what the fuss is about.

Viral Marketing – These people will definitely remember
this experience as it’s so original and they will refer
their friends by telling them making them want to check it
out when they are around that part of town.

Customer Service – She was very polite with her “Do you
like your lemonade sweet or sour?” and her warm words
as I left making sure I remember her stand.

Value – She made the lemonade right in front of me with her
bare hands with fresh ingredients making me feel like I was
getting a real value and I didn’t even know the price yet.

I could pull out 100 other strategies, but you get the
point and you see how you can apply the strategies of
“Cars Passing By The Lemonade Girl.”

Take this information to heart as it’s the key to business,
focusing every effort you put into you business toward your
customer and satisfying their needs and testing, tweaking
and creating a relationship with your customers.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal



Banner Bonanza

Banner Bonanza

Here’s the deal. You have a website. You need to get traffic
to your website and you’ve decided that you’d like to use
banners to generate some fresh hits. This is a good idea.
Banners should be a tool in everyone’s marketing toolbox. So
where do you begin? Right here.

First, let’s take a look at the different ways you can get
your banner placed on other sites. The three top techniques

1. Joint venture
2. Reciprocal links
3. Banner exchanges

You can use some or all of these techniques, depending on
how much space you want to devote to banners on your own

One of the most focused and largely successful ways to get
your banner placed on someone else’s site is to offer them
a joint venture (JV). A joint venture works on the same
principles as an affiliate program.

1. Your JV partner places your banner on his/her site
2. A visitor from their site, clicks on your banner
and lands on your site
3. The visitor makes a purchase at your site
4. Your JV partner receives a percentage of your profits from
that sale

The easiest way to locate potential joint venture partners is
to go to your favorite search engine and type in keywords that
describe your site. Take the top 10 listings, visit the sites
and contact each webmaster by email asking if they would be
interested in a joint venture. Keep records of who you contact
and the response. Then go on to the next 10 on the list. This
method of finding potential joint venture partners allows you
to control which sites will be displaying your banner. It takes
some time to do this, but your banners appear on targeted sites
and often draw a better response than from other methods of
banner exchanging.

The next way to get your banner out in the market is to offer
reciprocal links. A reciprocal link is your agreement with
another webmaster to place their banner or text link on your
site, in return for them placing your banner or text link on
their site. Quite simply, you trade banners. This method works
well if you have some extra space that you would like to use
for banner advertising. You can target your prospects the same
way you did for joint ventures. This method of getting your
banners out in the marketplace will be limited to the amount
of space that you would like to devote to other people’s
banners on your site.
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Some banner sites allow you to specify the type of
content that you would like for your site. This is
beneficial, so you are not inadvertently showing a banner
with content that your visitors may find objectionable.

There are numerous ways to get your banner exposed online.
Whether you use a combination of all the different methods,
or concentrate on one or two, the important point is that
you have your banner out in the marketplace.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal



15 Proven Methods to Boost Your Sales

15 Proven Methods to Boost Your Sales

If your sales are a little on the slow side, you need to
polish your promotional skills and fire up the marketing
machine. This is the first of a two part article with a
total of 30 tried, tested and proven techniques to kick your
sales into high gear! Here are the first 15 techniques.

1. Use a PS and PSS after your signature. In the PS,
summarize the key benefit. In the PSS restate the bonus or
reason for ordering right now. Only your subject line is
more important than your PS!

2. Vary your subject and medium. If you send out a monthly
email promotion, vary the subject line. One month, your
subject line could read ‘Hi! It’s Jake.’ The next month it
could read $1.99 special for the first hundred responses.
With your ‘Hi! It’s Jake’ subject line you could send an
article with tips that will help your customers with common
problems. Your ‘$1.99 special’ could be a direct ad. By
altering the format that you send, (article one time, ad the
next) you will get more prospects past the subject line and
into your email.

3. Mail your customers on a more frequent basis. If you send
your customers a promotion once a month, double it. Send
them a promotion every two weeks.

4. Use add-on sales. The best place to get an add-on sale
is just before your prospect places their order. Include two
buttons or links at the bottom of your order form, one for
ordering just the product and one for ordering your product
with an add-on. Here’s a quick example. You are selling an
ebook you have written called Marketing. Your add-on is a
Lifetime upgrade.

a. At the bottom of the order form you include a text link
that says ‘Click here to order Marketing for only $19.95.’

b. Directly underneath, you place a second text link that
says ‘Click here to order Marketing, including your Lifetime
Upgrades for only $29.95.

c. Place a short paragraph after the button, explaining
all the benefits of ordering the Lifetime upgrades as well.
After the paragraph, place the Lifetime Upgrades order link

5. Upsell to a better product. If you are offering free
autoresponders, upsell your customers to a better version of
your product. Quick example. You offer a free, quality
autoresponder which sends a single message. If your customer
upgrades to a ‘Gold’ autoresponder for only $2.95 per month,
they get an autoresponder which can send up to ten, time
delayed messages.

6. Use current events to propel your sales. If the inflation
figures have just risen again, offer an ‘Inflation Buster’

7. Offer additional products. After you have sold your main
product (with an add-on) keep in contact with the customer
and offer additional products. You can sell more add-ons or
upgrades that compliment the original purchase, or completely
new products.

8. Offer a payment plan. If you are selling a big ticket
item, offer to split the payments into three or four easy
installments. Installments can be spread over weeks or months,
depending on the size of the purchase.

9. Offer special promotions. Holidays like Christmas, Easter,
and Valentine’s Day are perfect for special promotions.
Anniversaries and birthdays also give you a perfect excuse to
contact your customers and offer them a special promotional

10. Include a deadline. By including a deadline, customers
are more inclined to make a purchase sooner. It is human
nature to leave things to the last moment, so make sure your
deadline falls within a short period of time after you send
your offer.

11. Use incremental deadlines. If you run a monthly special,
offer to include an extra bonus, plus a FREE gizmo and a
lifetime upgrade if they order before the end of the first
week. In the second week of the campaign, offer an extra
bonus, plus a FREE gizmo, only if they order by the end of
the week. In the third week, they get an extra bonus if they
order by the end of the week. And the fourth week, they get
the product with no bonuses.

12. Use the take away approach. This works well in conjunction
with the incremental deadline approach. Tell your customer
that if they don’t order today, they will miss out on the
fabulous lifetime upgrade offer.

13. Make the purchase easy. Make it easy for customers to
purchase from you by offering alternative methods of payment.

14. Give guarantees. Make sure your product comes with a 100%,
no questions asked, lifetime, guarantee. People love to feel
secure when ordering. If you stand behind your product 100%,
you give your customers the security they need.

15. Sell to categories. If you find that your product is
popular with accountants, try a promotional campaign
directed to this category of customers.

There are an unlimited number of techniques and tactics that
you can experiment with to drive your sales through the roof.
When you have success with a particular promotion, keep
polishing and experimenting until it is worn out and then
experiment with something new.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal

How to Make Use of Cheap Internet Banner Advertising

For years now, internet banner advertising has captured the World Wide Web for it has become a large help in saving an amount of money while reaching beyond territories. Banner advertising played a major part in market trafficking all over the internet and many individuals and companies have bought themselves these cheap internet banner advertising. Some made use of it financially; others have no idea on what to do with it.

With your cheap internet banner advertisement, would you just sit in front of your computer and wait for people to notice you? Would you let your company get trampled by other company’s marketing strategies?

Okay, so you admit you bought internet banner advertising, but does that mean you won’t do anything about it because it costs cheap?

These following steps will help you get up on your feet and make your cheap internet banner advertising priceless. With these simple instructions, there will always have traffic on your website.

First, to be able to capture the attention of your target audience, your title and topic should be thought of with concern. You have to make the people believe that your cheap internet banner advertising is worthy of their time. The advertisement has to meet the audience’s need.

For the people to bring attention to your internet banner advertising, you should be able to raise the curiosity and convince the people. You should be able to deliver your products or services with strong words that may lead the target audience at deciding.

You should be able to constructs words on your advertisements that could lead the target audience that you are directly talking to them to give a sense of familiarity on your services.

As you persuade the people by calling for them and directing them to buy or entail your services, they give importance to your business proposal. Your cheap internet-based banner advertising will become one of the sought for ads there are.

Make sure to present your ads to the global community repeatedly to get them familiar with you and your services.

Always remember that having a website doesn’t mean it could sell products by itself. You must be sure to accompany it with marketing strategies. By buying banner advertising, you or your company would save time and money while achieving market sales. These internet banners advertising may come cheap, but it could lead you or your company to riches.

Creating an Effective Advertising Campaign

Talk to almost any advertising agency, or Fortune 500 company exec about advertising and promotion, and you will almost certainly hear the buzz words “fragmented advertising” and “consumer-centric campaigns” and long discussions about the many pitfalls and difficulties of creating effective advertising campaigns today.

What is fragmentation exactly? It’s the increase in the number of available methods for getting your message to your audience.

One of the main difficulties faced by any entrepreneur is that advertising has changed and evolved over the last few years. It now includes visual, audio and electronic media.

In fact, if you do a Google search for advertising, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options available to you now — if you just look at the options for your Website you’ll find popups, popovers, audio messages, flash video, RSS, even animated “sales people” that can be programmed to appear right on your Website and interact with your customers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

So is traditional advertising — which includes billboards, radio, television, newspaper and magazine — dead?

Not by a long shot. According to one top advertising mogul, traditional advertising methods are still around because they still work.

The trick is to figure out who your target market is, what they want, and how they look for that information.

Mark Twain said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

If you know customers, you can spend your advertising dollars on the mediums they use to look for answers.

If your customers are senior citizens who are not online, then focus the majority of your advertising dollars on the newspapers, magazines, television, and radio that they are reading, watching or listening to.

If your target market are working parents, you need to know how, when and where they get their information. Is it on the Internet? What radio stations do they listen to? What magazines are they reading? Do they watch television? When? Why?

So what are your best options for creating an effective advertising campaign?

Here are some simple steps:

1. Know your audience. What do they want? Where do they shop? What do they read? How old are they? Where do they hang out? Do they need your product or services? Can they afford your product or services?

2. Know your competition. Be prepared to do a little detective work. What are your three main competitors doing to advertise? Where are they advertising? How often? What types of advertising methods are they using? How long have they been running? Are you reaching the same audience? Is your message different?

Look at what they’re doing right, and figure out creative ways that you can make your advertising just a little bit better, or differentiate yourself from the crowd.

3. Next take a look at what the “big dogs” in your field are doing, and see if you can adapt some of their methods to your target audience and your budget.

4. Know your message. What exactly are you trying to say? What do your customers want to hear? Why should they buy from you, and not someone else? Make every word count.

Chances are, your customers are much more tech-savvy than they were five years ago, or even one year ago. The Internet has made unbelievable amounts of information accessible, but it also has contributed to the “information overload” consumers complain of.

Another side effect of the Internet is that your customers have probably become used to getting “instant gratification” when they are looking for information, products or services. They want it, and they want it now. Are you giving your customers what they want, when they want it?

If you want to have an effective advertising campaign, don’t try to be everything to everyone. Think of your advertising as a conversation between you and your one “ideal” customer.
Remember, if you’re giving your customers what they want, they don’t perceive your ads as a nuisance, they see them as a service.

Traditional advertising is not dead and you can use it to your advantage if you pay attention to who your customers are, and what they want.

Creating a Buzz on a Budget

When starting a new business most people are trying not to overspend. So one of the places they cut back on is in advertising which is actually very important when starting a new venture. We all can’t afford a 30 second spot during the super Bowl but there are a lot of things that we can do that won’t cost us a lot.

If you have a vehicle of some sort, whether a car, truck, or van, why not use it as a travelling billboard? You can start with magnetic signs, they are very inexpensive and if you do a lot of driving then a lot of people will see your signs. Now if you have a very nice car and your worried about the finish then what about plastic letters adhered to your window(s)?

This can be very effective and very low in cost but you gotta think about this, when people stop for traffic lights, railroad crossings or just for a stop sign their eyes will scout the area. This is a very common thing that almost everybody does. Did you ever stop at a railroad crossing and see these signs that are stuck in the ground with advertising for a mortgage company? They’re not being put there because they don’t work.

in fact I know of several companies that are selling the service of putting up these signs for small businesses. Again with window lettering you need to use good ad copy have the domain and I had this on my back window of my car. It aroused curiosities when people saw this that they came to my website just to see what they would save up to 90% on.

With any advertising you don’t want to give them everything, you want them to have questions in their mind so that they will visit your site, your store, or call you to have these questions answered. It’s like when leaving a message on an answering machine. If you say to much then why would these people call you back?

When I had a retail computer store I wanted to build a mailing list of possible customer’s so I started a raffle. When someone first filled out an entry they got a mousepad with my banner on it. These cost me less than a dollar each which I figured that meant that I had a dollar into each customer.

The raffle was for a $1,000 shopping spree in my store and i collected entries for a year before I held the raffle. i then had the winner, which was an eleven year old boy, announced on the local radio. This kid’s name was andy and he is responsible for so many referrals. The $1,000 shopping spree maybe only cost me about $400 but I did so much new business because of this promotion.

Business cards, another low cost advertising mechanism. don’t just put your name and phone on them put your website if you have one, your email address, and a one line description of what your business does. Now the next thing that needs to be done with your business cards is a visit to your local book store.

If you are a Real estate agent or a mortgage broker then go to the section where all the real estate books are and put one of you cards in the bindings of each of the books. somebody who wants more info on buying a house or obtaining a mortgage is going to go to the bookstore and start looking at all the books on this subject. then they will see your business card. If you sell to small businesses then put your biz cards in the section where people go for books on business.

another area is the magazine section. besides your local book store’s what about in your local grocery store/ Do you have a store that sells gift’s, what about the local airport, bus terminals, doctors office’s? the ideas are endless but you have to figure that somebody will be reading these publication’s and they might see your business card.

Regarding radio advertising, did you ever consider AM radio? I used to pay less than 45 per spot for sixt second spots. it was a news talk radio station that also played CNN headline news. People driving in traffic, listening to AM radio were all hearing my commercials. when doing radio advertising it is still expensive if you target certain shows but what i did was called blanket advertising. i would buy a certain number of spots per 24 hour period.

what about advertising at your local movie theater? In between movies, while you are waiting for the next movie, you see advertisments on the screen. These cost maybe a few hundred dollars but a lot of people were seeing them. In Nashville, TN. you could advertise in bathrooms.

You have to figure that men using the urinals had nothing to look at but the tile wall in front of them. In Nashville their was a company that sold signs, billboards, in the stalls and above the urinals. it was very effective. i discovered this method when i was at a good restaurant and had to use the Men’s room.

All the local Chinese restaurants and pizza places hire people to hang flyers on all the doors in a certain area. What about having these people hang your flyers at the same time? If your business doesn’t compete with the local pizza or Chinese restaurants a lot of them will do this for you at a very minimal, if any, charge.

If you have a website and don’t want to spend the money for advertising then make sure your site has good content. Articles about specific topics, Search engines love these sites and you will still get great ranking’s. it may take a little longer than paying a company to promote your site but it does work.