Viral Marketing 101 – Not Using It Could Kill Your Business!


This is one virtue a site must possess to lead the race in the ruthless competition in the Internet based business. With so many competition and rivalry going on, every method of marketing must be employed and utilized.

It doesn’t matter if you have a killer product or a fantastically designed website, if people don’t know that you exist, it doesn’t matter, and you are not going to make it big. Worse of all, you business could just get killed.

While there are so many methods and schemes used by so many e-commerce sites today, there are still some of those that can help you with an extra boost in the popularity ratings. One of these is the so called Viral Marketing.

While the term Viral easily depicts a virus, a word very much dreaded by all computer owners, it is not what it seems. You do not actually use a computer virus to spread your business; on the contrary it just might kill you. Everyone has had enough of all those pop up ads and spywares.

Viral Marketing Overview

Viral Marketing also known otherwise as Viral Advertising is a marketing technique used to build the public awareness of one’s product or company. They use many forms of media to reach out to the public without actually promoting the product by riding on in other forms of addictive means that could get a person hooked and be obliged or amused to actually pass it on, with the product or company advertisement along with it.

In a nutshell, companies ride on the idea that if people like the content of a media they will pass it on to their friends and family. They sponsor the certain media, such as a cool flash game, funny video, amusing story and such, which one may pass on to another with the company brand or logo or the products description or any other content to help promote the company or its product.

Viral marketing has become a popular means of advertising and marketing because they are relatively low cost. To avoid being tagged as spam mail, viral marketing counts on the eagerness of one person to pas on the product. If a person sees the name of the person they know as the sender, they won’t block it and open it as well.

Many companies offer incentives such as discounts and rebates when they help in spreading their viral marketing. They rely on the number of recipients a viral marketing gets from one person in determining the amount or number of incentive they can be attributed with.

Using Viral Marketing to your advantage

The main and foremost advantage of viral marketing is that you get a lot of publicity and public awareness about your site and your company. You get to generate a flow of traffic that are potential customers. With a little ingenuity and imagination, plus some incentives or prizes, you can reach out to a great number of people and announce your existence.

Most every site and companies are catching on to the effectivity of Viral Marketing and Advertising. Not using it could kill your business. Along with other schemes and methods in promoting your site, like Search Engine Optimization and such, viral marketing could easily push you ahead in the rating games.

Viral Marketing could be a sneaky way to get people to know about you and your company. You get them to pass your advertisement along. They are also very low cost that not investing in it could be downright a business suicide. All it takes is a great idea, a good addicting game, a funny story many ideas are still out there. Create a gossip or a buzz, many movies are promoted by using scandals and gossips to make them moiré popular. Remember the movie “The Blair Witch Project”?

Many big companies have tried viral marketing and have had many success stories with it. A classic example is Microsoft’s Hotmail. They were the first known big company to utilize the scheme and it has worked wonders for them.

Now it’s your turn to use viral marketing to work wonders for you. Act now and reap the benefits Viral Marketing will provide for you and your sales figures.

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Start Viral Marketing Campaigns Using E-books

Viral Marketing sounds like something bad but it is actually something very good. It is, also, a powerful way to generate traffic to your website.

Think about how a virus spreads from on person to another. One person gets sick and just by sneezing they can give the virus to many more people… those people get sick and share their germs with everyone they know and the next thing anybody knows is that there is an epidemic. That is the very concept of viral marketing. The idea is to get everyone to spread your marketing message around because they want to.

Now let’s look at using an E-book to start your viral marketing campaign. First you create an E-book… a really good one that has links to your website, to your sales page and affiliate links to products and services that you recommend… and you give it to three people. In the book you encourage those three people to give it to their friends and family.

Before you know it the E-book is spreading across the Internet like wild fire. Digital information duplicates easily and quickly so before you know it, thousands of people could be reading your free E-book.

Make certain that you let people know that they have permission to forward the E-book around the Internet. When you create the E-book, you have the right to give people certain rights. One of those rights could be that you allow them to give the book to other people. Make it clear that this book is free to give away.

You can write the E-book yourself, use private label content or you can hire a ghostwriter to prepare the content. There are a lot of ways to create an E-book. Once you have your E-book written, use software to create your E-book.
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What Works & What Doesn’t in Viral Marketing

Stop with the enforced e-mail forwards already! Trying to force or bribe people to forward your info to a friends or family in order to be rewarded or win looks skanky in today’s ultra-permission-based world. Especially when you tell visitors nothing about their friend’s or family’s privacy in the space directly next to the e-mail form.

A true viral campaign gets forwarded because consumers are compelled to do so by the glory of the content, not because you bribed them with points or something else.

What absolutely will not work:

Suggesting that e-mail recipients forward your message to their friends and family will not work. Adding a line at the bottom of your e-mail that reads “Please feel free to forward this message to a friend” is more likely to get it deleted than forwarded.

What absolutely will work:

Offering something worthy of sharing like a valuable discount, vital information or offering an incentive for sharing like additional entries into a sweepstakes or an added discount or premium service will work.

Relevant or timely information, research, or studies that are included in your e-mail might encourage the recipients to share with their family and friends. Interactive content like a quiz or test, especially if it’s fun, will inspire forwarding.

Jokes and cartoons are almost always forwarded to everybody the recipient knows. Why? Because they are entertaining and entertainment is meant to be shared.

A really cool multimedia experience is always going to achieve a lot of pass-along. Rich media is new and the novelty and tech factors alone are often enough to make the e-mail recipient eager to share it.

Oops! Almost forgot one really important thing….You can craft a brilliant e-mail following all the rules, but if a consumer visits your site and has an experience less that what was promised, you are going to achieve viral marketing, alright…the bad kind. So be certain that your product or service is ready and is as advertised.

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Easy Profits Using PPC In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

PPC is one of the four basic types of Search Engines. PPC is also one of the most cost-effective ways of targeted internet advertising. According to Forbes magazine, PPC or Pay Per Click, accounts to 2 billion dollars a year and is expected to increase to around 8 billion dollars by the year 2008.

Let us take a quick look at how PPC Search Engines work.

These engines create listings and rate them based on a bid amount the website owner is willing to pay for each click from that search engine. Advertisers bid against each other to receive higher ranking for a specific keyword or phrase.

The highest bidder for a certain keyword or phrase will then have the site ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines followed by the second and third highest bidder, up to the last number that have placed a bid on the same keyword or phrase. Your ads then will appear prominently on the results pages based on the dollar amount bid you will agree to pay per click.

How do you make money by using PPC into your affiliate marketing business?

Most affiliate programs only pay when a sale is made or a lead delivered after a visitor has clickthrough your site. Your earnings will not always be the same as they will be dependent on the web site content and the traffic market.

The reason why you should incorporate PPC into your affiliate marketing program is that earnings are easier to make than in any other kind of affiliate program not using PPC. This way, you will be making profit based from the clickthroughs that your visitor will make on the advertiser’s site. Unlike some programs, you are not paid per sale or action.

PPC can be very resourceful of your website. With PPC Search Engines incorporated into your affiliate program, you will be able to profit from the visitor’s who are not interested in your products or services. The same ones who leave your site and never comes back.

You will not only get commissions not only from those who are just searching the web and finding the products and services that they wanted but you will be able to build your site’s recognition as a valuable resource. The visitors who have found what they needed from you site are likely to come back and review what you are offering more closely. Then they will eventually come back to search the web for other products.

This kind of affiliate program is also an easy way for you to generate some more additional revenues. For example, when a visitor on your site does a search in the PPC Search Engine and clicks on the advertiser bided listings, the advertisers’ account will then be deducted because of that click. With this, you will be compensated 30% to 80% of the advertisers’ bid amount.

PPC is not only a source of generating easy profits; it can also help you promote your own site. Most of the programs allow the commissions received to be spent for advertising with them instantly and with no minimum earning requirement. This is one of the more effective ways to exchange your raw visitors for targeted surfers who has more tendencies to purchase your products and services.

What will happen if you when you integrate PPC into your affiliate program?

PPC usually have ready-to-use affiliate tools that can be easily integrated into your website. The most common tools are search boxes, banners, text links and some 404-error pages. Most search engines utilize custom solutions and can provide you with a white-label affiliate program. This enables you, using only a few lines of code, to integrate remotely-hosted co-branded search engine into your website.

The key benefits? Not only more money generated but also some extra money on the side. Plus a lifetime commissions once you have referred some webmaster friends to the engine.

Think about it. Where can you get all these benefits while already generating some income for your site? Knowing some of the more useful tools you can use for your affiliate program is not a waste of time. They are rather a means of earning within an earning.

Best know more about how you can use PPC search engines into your affiliate program than miss out on a great opportunity to earn more profits.

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3 Steps to Find “Freebies” to Add to Your E-book

Those of us who regularly shop on line are familiar with the array of free gifts, free bonuses and just plain freebies that are offered to a visitor to a website to encourage them to buy. How could you collect, select and offer free gifts, which will be valued as much as the original merchandise that is being purchased, put these gifts together and add them to your E-book? There are just three steps to do that very thing. They are:

1.Identify your key words in each chapter of your E-book. Now, type those words into your favorite search engine. You are looking for free E-books on the same subject in more depth, by a greater expert than you are, or by someone who gives a new and fresh angle to the topic. Add a link to the free E-book in each chapter of your E-book.

2.Research the Internet for related free gifts. Now you are looking for things that you could give as free gifts in your E-book that will make it more appealing and give it more pass-along appeal to your readers. For example: If you are selling gardening supplies, find a planting guide on the web that can be downloaded and include that as a gift in your E-book.

3.Download the freebies. Visit the freebies pages on those web sites. Most sites have freebies and encourage you to distribute them.

Other key words I searched for are freebies, free E-books, and free reports and then gave the key word that I wanted the free stuff for. Like… “freebies for gardeners”.

Give your reader the vest that you can offer. Give them your book, additional reading material and free gifts to boot. Everybody loves a bargain!  LGT makes a great freebie!

Lead Generating Tools

Key words and phrases to skyrocket your sales

Key words and phrases to skyrocket your sales

Why do some ads motivate you to immediately punch your
credit card numbers into your computer, while others
transport you directly to dreamland? It’s the copy, of
course! Great copy picks up the reader, motivates them to
action and inspires purchases. More Sales = More Profit.
More Profit = More Money. More Money = More Luxurious
Lifestyle For You.

To make things easy for you, here is a list of the most
motivating words and phrases used in copy writing today.
Use this list as a basis for your collection, but always
be on the lookout for ads that make you want to buy. These
ads have hit your HOT buttons and most likely are hitting
the HOT buttons of other prospects just like you. Collect
the words and phrases that motivate you to buy and add them
to this list. By building your own personalized list of
trigger words and phrases, you will decrease the time it
takes to write your copy and increase your sales.

HOT motivating words

Absolutely, amazing, approved, attractive, authentic,
bargain, better, big, breakthrough, cash, colossal, complete,
confidential, crammed, delivered, direct, discount, discover,
discovery, easy, excellent, exciting, exclusive, expert,
famous, fascinating, fortune, free, genuine, gift, gigantic,
greatest, guaranteed, helpful, huge, immediately, improved,
incredible, informative, instructional, interesting, largest,
latest, limited, love, lowest, magic, miracle, money, new,
noted, odd, outstanding, personalized, popular, power,
powerful, practical, private, professional, profit,
profitable, proven, quality, rare, reduced, refundable,
remarkable, reliable, results, revealed,, revolutionary,
scarce, scientific, secrets, security, select, sensational,
simplified, sizable, special, startling, strange, strong,
sturdy, successful, superior, surprise, terrific, tested,
tremendous, ultimate, unconditional, unique, unlimited,
useful, valuable, wealth, you.

‘You’ is the all time, most important word you can use in
your ads. Make sure you use the word ‘you’ at least 5 times
more than you use the word ‘I.’ Remember, your prospects are
reading your ad with the constant desire to know ‘What’s in
it for me?’

HOT motivating phrases

Act now!, Be one of the first 100 people to, Free details,
Free list, Free catalog, Free directory, Free course, Free
gift with purchase, Free samples, Extra bonus, Get started
now, Get your copy today, Get yours at wholesale prices,
Limited time offer, No obligation, Order direct from the
manufacturer, Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back,
Send today.

These lists are just the beginning. Use these lists to start
your personalized file of HOT motivating words and phrases
and use them in all of your advertising. Your ads will pull
better and give you a much greater ROI.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal

The Top Ten Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The Top Ten Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

1. Resting on your laurels. Just because you have what
you think is a good marketing plan in place today doesn’t
mean it’ll be right tomorrow. The pace today is so
accelerated, you must stay ahead of the game. Constantly
research what your competition is doing. Surf the Internet
to see what’s new out there.

2. Hype. Sooner or later hype will catch up with you. Being
superficial and underestimating the consumer is first of
all poor taste, and second of all, it’s bad business. Avoid
the jargon and the pat phrases and give substance.

3. Not having an R&D Team, focus group or feedback source.
Test your ideas on others. There are some absolutely
wonderful ads out there that people remember, but they don’t
remember the name of the product/company. For example, there
was a great ad out awhile ago that talked about the Bank of
the Northern Hemisphere. Very clever; everyone remembered it.
The problem was, they didn’t remember the name of the bank
you were supposed to use instead.

4. Not trusting your marketing person. If you hire someone
to do your marketing, hire someone you trust and then let
them do their job. With years of marketing experience, I had
many interesting jobs and some interesting job interviews.
One corporation asked me, “Can you stick with a plan once
it’s in place?” Red flag. Any marketing campaign must be
constantly monitored and you need to be able to switch on a
dime. An experienced marketing person can titer what’s
working and what isn’t. It becomes almost a sixth sense. Why
would you throw good money after bad just because changing
it is an inconvenience?

5. Not giving it time to work. It’s an adage in marketing
that if you’re going to say it, say it at least 3 times.
I’ve consulted with individuals, particularly, who send out
a brochure, no one bites, they want to abandon it. Generally
it takes 3 “hits.” People run through their emails rapidly
and delete things they wish they hadn’t. Make their wish
come true! Give them a second, third, fourth chance. The
formula is–when you’re sick and tired of it, the public is
just beginning to hear it.

6. Being timid. There really is no such thing as bad
publicity, and things will happen. You have to have been
through this to know. Several years ago I was marketing an
apartment complex and the manager mis-communicated an “early
bird special.” The whole unfortunate event made the front
page of the local newspaper with stories about parents not
being able to buy school clothes for their children,
because …. 6 months later the apartment complex was
filled to capacity. People remembered the name of the
apartment and nothing else. Carry on!

7. Not being curious. If you have an ezine edition that had
a large number of click-throughs, don’t just pat yourself
on the back, ask yourself why. Figure out what was
different about it — Was it on a special day? Was there
something different–more graphics, no graphics? A catchy
subject line? A new layout? Don’t forget, you can always
ask someone who clicked-through!

8. Thinking you have to pay for marketing. Use the free
options liberally. Establish yourself as an expert on a
subject and let the press know you’re willing to be
interviewed. When a national news event breaks, make it
local. For instance, I’m a coach, and when 9/11 happened,
I contacted the press to let them know what coaches had
to offer at such a time.

9. Leaving it at home. Prosaic, but we all do it. Your
business cards and brochures do absolutely no good
sitting in the office. Take them with you!

10. Following the rules. Be as thorough as you need to
be. The rule is ‘be brief,’ but say what you need to say.
One of the most effective mailers USAA ever did was a
5-page letter. Know the rules. Then break them.

To thrive, you need to live and breathe marketing. Look
around you all the time to see what’s out there that’s
working and keep your own marketing strategy fresh and

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal

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