How and Why People Buy

How and Why People Buy

The Internet is a powerful selling tool. Never before has
it been easier to start a business, be able to reach out
to literally millions of potential customers and make your
business succeed.

The Internet also offers us new tools to succeed. Email
makes communications instant whether across the street
or across the globe. Websites act as virtual storefronts,
allowing us to stay open 24/7. Newsletters inform, educate
and even give us an occasional smile.

Yet time has taught us that there is much more to success
than simply having a web site or using these tools. Recent
experience has taught us that the fundamentals of selling
haven’t changed, even if the new selling tools are state
of the art.

While these new tools may change the function of buying,
they haven’t really changed HOW and WHY people buy. Here
are several factors that will help you approach people
in a way that will persuade them to buy from YOU.

1. People aren’t ON the Internet. They ARE the Internet.
The same rules that apply at any retail store
should apply to your online ‘store.’ Is your site courteous
and inviting? Does your site say in clear terms that you
know your stuff and that people will get smart answers?
Does your site offer to fulfill a clearly defined need or
desire? Give your site a checkup today.

2. People buy online just like they buy offline. If
they are buying an impulse item, they’ll click thru and
spend a buck. If it’s a bigger ticket item, they’ll
shop around. Which are you selling? Is the look of your
site appropriate to what you are selling? I don’t want
to buy designer chewing gum and I won’t buy at a site
that looks like it should be selling gum. Would you? I
want to buy the stuff I usually buy, but I don’t want
to leave home to do it. Are YOU meeting my need?

3. People buy what they need, when they need it and can
afford it. The key is to give people information that
connects with what they need. The good news is that
people need the same things they have always needed.
Which of us doesn’t long for more time, more money,
better relationships with family and friends? The more
your message is aligned with these needs, the better
you will do.

WHY People Make ‘Buying Decisions’

There are only SIX basic motivators that will trigger any
buying decision in the mind of a potential customer. All
six are actually deeply rooted in the human psyche, akin
to our most common needs and desires.

1. Desire for gain – usually financial, but also to gain
in love, power, respect from other people.

2. Fear of loss – usually financial, but also emotional.
This trigger may tie to the loss of something already
gained, or to the fear of not gaining something that
is perceived as a need.

3. Comfort and convenience – convince me that your
product or service will make my life easier, simpler,
more productive, more worthwhile.

4. Security – will your product or service protect me, my
loved ones, my assets, and reduce my fear of loss?

5. Prestige and pride of ownership – although it may not
be a psychologically healthy frame of mind, most
people do attach self-worth to the ownership of
exclusive material items (ie. Rolex watches, designer
clothing, limited editions of anything.) Will I be proud
to tell my friends that I own or use your product or

6. Satisfaction of emotion – will your product or service
make me ‘feel good’ about myself, my life, and the
world I live in?

The world is a big place and it doesn’t turn on a dime.
People will still buy cars just before vacation time and
do most of their Christmas shopping about 10 minutes
before midnight on Christmas Eve. Don’t buck the trend.
Understand and USE people’s existing buying habits
and motivations to your advantage, and kick your online
efforts into high gear.

To Your Success,
Rose Vidal


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Social media is just one of many ways to get web traffic.

Main points:

  • Social media is just one of many ways to get web traffic.
  • The big social media sites are the kings of web traffic. Facebook is #2 on Alexa, YouTube is #3, Twitter is #9, etc.
  • There are literally thousands of social media sites, spanning dozens of categories, including (but in no way limited to)…
    Social networking sites – like Facebook and Linked-In
    Microblogging sites – Twitter
    Video sharing sites – YouTube, Vimeo
    Photo sharing sites – Flickr, PhotoBucket
    Consumer-review sites – Yelp
    Social bookmarking/sharing sites – Digg, Reddit, Delicious
    Social gaming sites – WoW, The Sims, Second Life
  • Although there are thousands of social sites, and traffic can be gained from most of them, it’s most effective to focus on the handful of sites with the most concentrated traffic:
    My 1st- picks:
    YouTube Twitter
    My 2nd- picks:
    Linked-In (#13 on Alexa!)
    StumbleUpon (#102 on Alexa)
    Squidoo (#2242 on Alexa)
    Flickr (#32 on Alexa)
    Some others worth consideration: Tumblr, Orkut (in certain countries), Reddit, Digg, LiveJournal, Vimeo, Yahoo Answers, and the Warrior Forum (only for the IM niche… #138 on Alexa).
  • Go where the fish are. For example, if your prospects are professionals… focus on Linked-In.
  • The social media experts and gurus are teaching it from various (and often conflicting) angles. Many are teaching it from a corporate branding standpoint.
  • There are three main ways that marketers get traffic from social media (by my definition):
    1) Spamming
    – much of what’s being taught by so-called experts falls into this category.
    – see video for several examples.
    – most social media automation tools are spammy.
    – it can and often does work, but I don’t recommend it.
    2) Integrating
    – Virtually all businesses can benefit by integrating with social media to some degree.
    – It’s about communicating through multiple channels. (Better chance of reaching your prospects)
    – List building is still one of our primary goals (see lesson #59).
    – See video for integration examples
    3) Socializing
    – Your socialization must be related to your business.
    – The objectives are building trust and authority.
    – Keep your personal profile separate from your business profile (with some exceptions).
    – Don’t waste your time on it. (always remember ROI)
    – (See video for examples and details)
  • WARNINGS about social media…
    1) Scammers abound. Please educate yourself and learn the warning signs, so that you do not fall victim to a social media con artist.
    2) You’re sharing your database. By building your business on a social platform, you’re sharing your data with the owner of the website, and potentially allowing your competitors to rip off and/or show their own ads to your list.
    3) The distraction factor is huge, particularly for men. If you think you can hang out all day on social media and not get distracted by pictures of attractive women, advertisements of girls in bikinis, your friend’s latest vacation pictures, a cool new video from Youtube, a funny joke, etc… you’re kidding yourself! This alone will make social media a losing proposition for the majority of male marketers. (A good reason to outsource it).
    Action steps:
    1) Decide what role social media should play in your business.
    2) Consider what kind of social media strategies you would like to pursue, such as integrating and socializing.
    3) Become aware of the time you spend on social media, and track your ROI as much as possible.
    4) Don’t waste your time on low-ROI activities. Outsource the profitable activities as much as possible.

Social Networking Websites: Is It Possible to Find Love Online?

When it comes to finding a new romantic partner, things have changed. In the past relationships were largely developed through chance meetings, setups from friends, or from friendships that flourished into something more. Now, many men and women rely on the internet when it comes to finding a romantic partner. Are you are interested in becoming one of those individuals? If so, there are a few important things that you should know first.

Perhaps, the most important thing to remember is that internet dating is not deemed one hundred percent safe. Although, it is important to note that no form of dating is. The person that you meet at the local bar could be just as weird or as dangerous as someone who you meet online, but still you are advised to take a few precautionary measures. These measures may include, but should not be limited to, giving out limited personal information and agreeing to meet an online date in a public location, not at your home. By understanding the importance of these and other precautionary measures, you should have fun using the internet to find a date.

When it comes to finding an online date or romantic partner, there are many individual who flock to online dating websites. Online dating websites are websites that allow you to meet other internet users. You can not only view online pictures of these individuals, but learn more about them by reading their profiles and by making contact. Depending on the online dating website you are using, you should also be able to use other services and features, should they be offered.

Online dating websites are often referred to, well as, online dating websites. Despite the fact that they have obtained their own unique title, did you know that online dating websites are also considered social networking websites? When it comes to social networking websites, many individuals automatically think of MySpace or something similar. While these websites may not focus specifically on creating relationships, their purpose is the same. That purpose is to make it easier for internet users to connect with other internet users, especially ones that they share a common bond.

Although most online dating websites will allow you to contact any online member, you are advised to search for those that share the same interests as you. This may help to give you better luck in the love department. In addition to love, it is also possible that you could find an online friend that you have a lot in common with. This online friendship could be great, especially if the love part didn’t work out as well as you had intended it to.

As previously mentioned, you will want to be cautious when it comes to setting up a first date between you and your online partner. First dates are scary, especially when they are with someone that you have never met before. If you are concerned with your safety, you may want to join an online networking website or dating website that offers safe places for their members to meet. These places are often held in popular bars or night clubs on specific nights. In addition to parties where you can meet up with your online friend or partner, you can also find dating websites that have speed dating parties. If you are shy about meeting someone online, these types of get-togethers may be just what you need to break the ice.

If you are interested in becoming one of the millions of internet users who use the internet to find love, you will need to find an online dating website or social networking website to join. Most of these websites can be found with a standard internet search. In your search, you will likely see that online dating websites tend to charge monthly fess, whereas traditional social networking websites do not. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should pay the fee to join an online dating website, you are advised to ask for a free trail, if one is not already available. These free trials may prove helpful in determining whether or not the online dating website you are interested in joining is even worth your time and money.

Social Networking Websites: Who Is Reading Your Personal Information?

It is estimated that each day, a fairly large number of individuals make the decision to join a social networking website. Social networking websites are websites that allow internet users to easily connect with other internet users, often from all around the world. While social networking websites are a great way to make online friends or start an online relationship, there are many internet users who are misinformed when it comes to social networking websites. That misinformation is largely centered on who can see their personal information.

Since a social networking website is often compared to a community, you would assume that only other community members would be able to read your personal information, right? In the real world, an unknown individual cannot just decide that they want to move into your neighborhood and live in your front yard, spying on your every move, so why should it happen online? If that is your way of thinking, you are wrong, in most cases. Unfortunately, many internet users are largely unaware of the fact that just about anyone can view their social networking profiles, including non-community members.

As previously mentioned, there are a large number of social networking websites that allow anyone one with internet access to view the profiles or profile pages of their members. In fact, the number is higher than you may have ever imagined. At the current time, just a few popular of the social networking websites that allow any internet user to view your profile include Yahoo! 360, FriendFinder, FriendWise, and MySpace. With a simple click of the mouse, information that you thought was private is no longer. That is why it is important that you examine what is actually posted in your profile or on your personal profile page before publishing it.

Although being cautious may take away from the fun of joining a social networking program, you are advised to be cautious. This cautiousness may help keep you safe. When building your social networking profile or profile page, especially on a website that anyone can view, you are advised to carefully select the pictures that you post. If you post a personal picture of your self, you are advised against posting your full name and, especially, your address. With a picture, your full name, and your address, an internet user with devious thoughts could spell trouble.

If you are one of the many social network users who wants to display your information, you are encouraged to learn more about private profile settings. Private profile settings will limit the number of individuals who can view your website. Although your profile’s private setting may prevent other network members from seeing your profile, it will also prevent anyone else from seeing it. The only catch with doing this is that since other community members cannot see your profile, you will have to be the one to contact with any new friends that you would like to invite to your network.

In addition to joining a social networking website that allows you to set your profile as private, you can join a network that automatically has profiles set as private. These social networking websites include, but are not limited to, Orkut and Facebook. With Orkut and Facebook, your profile will only be seen by other members. In fact, Facebook also limits the members that can see your profile. This is done to help ensure your safety online. However, as with all other social networking websites, it is fairly easy for you to make online connections and friends, but, in away, these private profile networking sites are a safer way to make those connections.

Now that you know exactly how social networking websites work and who can gain access to your personal information, you should know what you should and should not put in your profile or on your profile page. Although you are not required to change your information, you should at least think about it. As the old saying goes, you never know who is watching you.

Staying Safe with Social Networking Websites

When it comes to internet safety, a large amount of focus has been placed on teenagers and the use of social networking websites. Although it is important for teenagers to be careful when using these popular websites, they are not the only ones who should be concerned with their safety. If you are an adult, who enjoys networking online, you should also be cautious when it comes to meeting and communicating with other internet users.

Although social networking websites are a great place to meet other internet users, especially ones with interests that are similar to yours, they can also be dangerous. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of instances when individuals were harmed when they went to meet an individual that they met on an online social network, which includes dating websites. If you are not careful and cautious, the same thing could happen to you. This does not mean that you should be filled with fear; however, it does mean that you need to be cautious online.

One of the many ways that you can protect yourself, when it comes to using online social networking websites, is by watching what you post online, particularly in your profile. You may not know this, but a large number of networking sites, including MySpace, FriendFinder, and Yahoo! 360 allow all internet users to see your profile or profile page. These internet users do not necessarily have to be a member of your online community. This means that although your networking community may be safe, there are still unsavory individuals out there who could easily obtain your personal information.

In addition to the information that you make available to other internet users, including member profiles, you are advised to be cautious when making contact with other internet users, especially those that contact you. A large number of social networking websites have open memberships. Essentially, this means that anyone can easily join and become a member. Just because someone says they are who they are doesn’t necessarily mean that they are telling the truth. If at any point during your conversations you feel that you are speaking with someone who is making you feel comfortable or not telling the truth, you are advised to end your conversation.

For many individuals it is enough to chat with others online, but for some it is not enough. Whether you are asked to meet with an online friend or if you initiated the meeting yourself, you are advised to be cautious. You will not want to meet with an individual who you have only known online for a short period of time. For safety reasons, it is advised that you speak with one of your online friends at least a month before agreeing to meet with them. If and when that meeting does take place, you are urged to have it in a public place. That way if your meeting does not go as well as you had originally planned, you will be able to ensure your safety by having others around you.

The above mentioned precautionary measures are just a few of the many that you should take. Although you may be worried about hurting someone’s feelings or losing an online friend, you shouldn’t be. Your safety is far too important to be concerned with what others will be thinking or feeling.

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Social Networking Sites to Find Dates

Have you been looking for love, but in all of the wrong places? Many singles are fed up with the traditional bar scene; therefore, many are looking for alternatives when it comes to meeting and possibly falling in love with someone. One of those alternatives is online dating. Online dating has skyrocketed in popularity. Millions of Americans have turned to the internet in hopes of finding love. If you are thinking about doing the same, you may be wondering if it is really worth it. To determine whether or not it is, you are advised to examine the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.

Before you can begin to examine the advantages and disadvantages of using your social networking website for dating, it is important to remember one thing. There are two main types of social networking websites. The first type is often classified as traditional networking websites. These websites are websites that tend to have an open membership. An open membership means that anyone can join them. The second type are known as specialty social networking websites. Specialty social networking websites tend to focus on a particular topic or interest, such as online dating.

One thing that you may not know about online dating and social networking is that they are almost always connected. When many individuals go in search for love online, many head to online dating websites. Did you know that online dating websites are actually socially networking websites? What sets online dating websites apart from traditional social networking sites is that all of the individuals who are a part of the online community are looking to find love. In fact, that is one of the many advantages to using social networking websites, especially those with a focus on relationships.

When you join a traditional social networking site, one that allows all different types of internet users to join, it is often hard to tell what many are looking for. A large number of network users are looking for love, but many more are only looking for friendships. Online dating websites help to eliminate confusion and awkward moments, especially when approaching someone who is not interested in starting a relationship.

Another one of the many benefits to using online social networking sites to find a date is that you literally have an unlimited number of different choices. Social networking websites have expended overtime. In fact, many networks have as many as a million members. This means that if you are looking for love online, there is a good chance that you can find a love interest online. In fact, you could probably find more than one!

Although social network dating has its advantages, there are disadvantages as well. One of the main disadvantages is the cost of using the networks service. As previously mentioned, online dating websites are the best type of social network to join, especially if you are looking for a romantic partner. Unfortunately, unlike most traditional networking sites, most dating sites require a paid membership. To many this membership is worth the cost, but overtime it could get quite expensive and you are not guaranteed any results.

In addition to the cost of dating online, there are a large number of safety concerns that could be considered disadvantages as well. Unfortunately, the internet has made it easy for individuals to claim to be someone who they are not. Essentially, this means that you could be starting an online relationship with someone who is not as they look in their photos or their personality is not as they described to you. While this will not only lead to disappointment when you find out, it could also lead to danger. There have been numerous reports of instances where online dates resulted in abuse or murder; therefore, you are always urged to be careful and meet your dates in a safe, public place.

The above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of social networking dating are just a few of the many. One you have examined all of these advantages and disadvantages, you can compare the two. If you find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages then social networking and dating might be right for you.

Characteristics of a Successful Advertisement

Many small businesses don’t get success they want from advertising due to availability of very little resources. The results are simply flat due to lack of good ideas for improvements. Whether the ads are put in a local newspaper or are printed in the famous periodical or posted on a website, the money invested should gain the desired outcome. There are some common mistakes small businesses and professional service providers do when designing and posting the advertisement, which leads to the failure of the advertisement.

Bigger is better is believed in by many. That’s exactly what some of the small firms think when they want to advertise their product. They think bigger and select a medium where they need to invest a lot of money, but do not reach the targeted market. Like if a company specializes in designing diet plans and want to help out people who had disappointing results from their individual diet plans, and the company chooses to advertise a full page in the local paper instead of running advertisement in a health magazine, obviously not many of the dieters will notice the advertisement and the advertisement doesn’t get the desired attention.

So the point is to come up with the best campaign, which will increase the probability of the ad getting viewed and the right customers trying to buy the product or sign up for the service. Studies and research can be carried out on the market and targeted audience can be narrowed down. Once getting the list of newspapers, magazines and magazines meant for the customers in mind, find out how many readers they have and the cost they ask for posting the ad. Special deals are offered by them from time to time and can only be found by watchful eye.

It is estimated that everyday people are subjected to around three thousand commercials. That is a huge number and if someone desires to be noticed, he should certainly be different. Not only the services and product sold should be unique in the market, so should be the advertisement.  For example, if a business selling mattresses says, “We sell mattresses”, it will not make a statement and will be passed off as any other mattress advertisement. But if they say, “Our mattresses are of the finest quality”, it will make the advertisement stand out in the crowd. Other catch lines are “Are you suffering from back pain? Probably you must try our mattresses ”, are more specific and will catch the fancy of the people who are suffering from back pains since a long time. The advertisement should also focus on the uniqueness of the product and how it is better compared to the competitors’ product.

Focusing on the problems of the customers and giving a solution for them, is what a customer demands. A customer does not buy a product; he buys benefits in the form of a product. The real value of the product should be realized and a clear picture of it should be presented to the customer so he will be able to relate with the product. If the advertisement doesn’t specify the solution it can provide, the customers will never know of it. So focusing on the customers problem is what some ads miss.

The last thing missing in most of the advertisement is motivation for the customers. If the advertiser has designed the advertisement and the customer had read the advertisement, all efforts and money invested will be wasted if he doesn’t get up and do something about it. It shouldn’t be assumed that the customer knows what to do; instead the advertisement should influence the mind of the customer and should tell him what to do. Call of action is the final job of the advertisement. It should call for information, or visiting the store or even visiting the online store. The message should sound confident and clear.