Scale Your Passion

In the entrepreneur community, scale, is a very popular word. It can mean several different things but in this case, it means growth. If you are able to take your passion and turn it into a business, that’s a wonderful thing and should be applauded. If you can take that same business and successfully scale …

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Total Web Traffic

A few days ago I told you about Dave Nicholson’s Total Web Traffic, you know, the one where you get loads of high quality videos that show you where to get started when driving traffic to your website. You also get a whole load of information, advice and tips, separated into tidy little modules …

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Monetize Your Passion

Once you’ve identified the practical skills behind your passion pursuit, you can consider having it make money for you. The really cool thing about any kind of specialized interest is that there are other people out there who share that interest. When your interest is really unique, it can be a very niche market but …

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Find Your Passion

Over time, we often forget the passions of our childhood or even the ones we discover as we age. So discovering our passion is often the first step down a path of actively pursuing it. If you’re unsure how to go about discovering your passion, here are some steps to get you thinking in the …

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Increasing Sales Through Strategic Internet Marketing, part 2

Increasing Sale, part 2 5. Make sure you have useful content on your sites. While keyword density is important in search engine placement, having useless information or annoying repetition of keywords will not increase your customer’s confidence in your site. It may even affect your sites traffic and can get your site removed from search …

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