3. Offer a Directly Related PAID Product

Step 3: Offer a Directly Related PAID Product
Research has shown that it takes at least seven contacts with a prospect before they are willing to buy something from you.
Thus, you must contact the prospect by email to give them the link to download the free report offered on your squeeze page and to build up the relationship.
Good email marketing practices and building the relationship are key to making those sales.
Thus, you must provide more valuable information on the topic or subject in your follow-up emails to convince the prospect you are trustworthy and are respected in your field, eventually leading to him/her buying from you.
Don’t “hard-sell” in most of your follow-up emails; only “soft-sell” by providing valuable information about the topic, then adding a link to your main product page at the end of your emails.
The type of autoresponder messages I offer in my turnkey packages encompass these values exactly.