2. It All Starts at the Squeeze Page

Step 2: It All Starts at the Squeeze Page
A squeeze page (also called a landing page or lead capture page) is just a webpage that offers the visitor something of value for free, such as a report on a specific topic of interest, in return for the person’s contact information (usually the person’s name and email address).
The information you provide in this free report should be useful to the person, but it should NOT include everything about the topic in question.
If you include all of the information in that free report, they’ll have no reason to buy any of your related offers, which is exactly the ultimate goal you have in mind for them. The idea behind the squeeze page is to entice the visitor to willingly give up their name and email address so that you can follow up with them later with other relevant and useful information.
By doing this you can build a relationship with them and show that you are an expert in this industry or niche.
Once the prospect is comfortable enough with you, they will likely make a purchase, thereby entering your sales funnel.